Manuela Escobar: Wiki, Ig, Twitter, Pablo Escobar, Net Worth, Unicorn


Manuela Escobar: Wiki, Ig, Twitter, Pablo Escobar, Net Worth, Unicorn
Manuela Escobar: Wiki, Ig, Twitter, Pablo Escobar, Net Worth, Unicorn

How does it feel to be the daughter of the world’s richest criminal, I wonder? Being the only daughter of a Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Manuela Escobar surely knows the feeling. To know more about her life, let's dig in!

Manuela Escobar with his dad Pablo Pablo also has an elder son, Juan Pablo. Pablo was the most wanted criminal of the 1990s. The daughter of Pablo Escobar, born as Maria Victoria Henao on 25th May 1984. She later changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

Manuela was the favourite of Pablo and treated her like a royal princess. It is believed that one day Manuela asked her father what a billion-dollar is worth. To this question, Pablo replied “the beauty of your eyes my princess”.

This shows how much Pablo valued and cherished his daughter.

Age and Body Measurement

Regarding Manuela's age, she is 38 years old, as of 2019. Moreover, she has an attractive height of 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) and weighs around 60 kg.

Manuela, a daughter of Pablo Escobar Furthermore, her sizzling body accounts for 34-24-35 inches. On top of that, she possesses beautiful brown eyes and black hair colour which suits perfectly to her personality.

Did Pablo Escobar's Daughter Die?

Many people are found desperate to know about the family line of Pablo Escobar but the articles over the internet state the children of the drug lord are dead.

However, both children of Pablo, Juan Pablo (Sebastian Marroquin) and Maria Victoria(Manuela Santos) are speculated to be alive and living together with their mother in Argentina. It is heard that Manuela Escobar, however, has severe depression and socialization issues and is under medical assistance to cure it.

Her family looks after her.

What happened to Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Back Then?

Pablo Escobar’s daughter along with her brother and his wife fled Colombia in 1993 when Pablo was shot dead by Colombian Police.

Manuela was nine years old at that time and didn’t remember much about the events she went through. The Escobar family requested asylum in countries like Germany, the USA and other European countries for safe protection, but were denied.

The Colombian Government issued new identities to the family members and the family later settled in Argentina. On the last day of Pablo, while the family temporarily crossed borders of countries such as Mozambique, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru, Manuela slept clinging to the shirt her father wore on his very last day.

In the remembrance of her father Manuela also collected a small beard of her father under her pillow. This truly shows how much Pablo and Manuela were close to each other and the immense love of a father towards his beloved daughter.

Pablo Made the Unicorn for Manuela

It is heard that Pablo used to fulfil every wish of his children. If money can make the wish come true, then the loving father was obligated to make it happen. One day Manuela asked to see a unicorn.

Pablo then added a cow’s horn on the forehead of a horse and gave it wings to make the horse look like a unicorn. Later the horse died because of infection but look how far Pablo went to fulfil his daughter's wish. Money can make even absurd wishes come true, Pablo surely demonstrated that thought by making a custom unicorn.

Burned $2 Million to Create Warmth

Not many people in the world have the luxury to warm themselves by burning millions of dollars. In one of the temporary house of Pablo, there wasn’t any wood to burn for heat, and the children were feeling freezing inside the house.

That is when their father, the drug lord Pablo burnt $2 million to warm them up. Stacks of money behind Pablo Escobar If not a drug lord, Pablo surely would be the most loving dad that any child could dream to have.

Life of Manuela Escobar, The Pre and Post Pablo Family's Situation

The childhood of Manuela was carefree as well as troubled.

As a child, she has every luxury that money could afford. She studied homeschooling, to prevent her from other cartels attack. She nearly went deaf when a bomb exploded in a car nearby the Pablo residence. The bomb was targeted at Pablo.

Manuela didn’t have her father’s presence while growing up in Argentina. She along with her mother and brother struggled after leaving the comfort of home behind. Manuela gradually started to involve in real estate and brother Juan completed his architectural studies and moved on with his life.

Still today, the family lives together in Argentina among friends and close ones.

Net Worth of Pablo Escobar’s Daughter

The Escobar family has struggled with finances after the death of Pablo. Manuela Escobar net worth is unknown however her father was regarded as the richest criminal in mid-1990’s.

Pablo Escobar’s net worth was around $3 billion in 1989. He was listed in the Forbes 277 billionaires list in the world.

Social Media Presence

Pablo's beloved daughter Manuela shows her active presence in social media websites.

Instagram: 1.17k followers Twitter: 737 followers