Ryder Evan Russaw Bio: Age, Height, Parents, Dad, Net Worth, Dating

Many kids in this world are famous because of the status of their parents who are generally called the star kids...

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Ryder Evan Russaw Bio: Age, Height, Parents, Dad, Net Worth, Dating

Many kids in this world are famous because of the status of their parents who are generally called the star kids born with the silver spoon fate. Among them, Ryder Evan Russaw is one of them who is famous because of his parents.

As we look back to the data of called people like Ryder do have a secure future as these people mostly choose the same business or the line as like their parents as their career. To know more about Ryder Evan Russaw be in touch with this page with us! Ryder Evan Russaw

Ryder Evan Russaw: Quick Facts

Full Name Ryder Evan Russaw
Birthplace America
Age 12 years
Net worth $9M
Horoscope sign Aries
Nationality American
Siblings 3[Chyna, Christopher Jr, Joshua]
Ethnicity Afro-American
Height 147cm

Ryder Evan Russaw Bio

Ryder Evan Russaw is the second child of Faith Evans and Rodd Russaw born in America on March 22, 2007.

While "Ryder Evan Russaw’s" mother Faith Evans is a famous singer, producer, actress, and a songwriter while his father is a sales executive for a music company.

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His parents, both mother, and father are very respected and recognized by many people in their respective fields because of their good works.

Ryder Evan Russaw Age, Height and Weight

Born in 2007, Ryder is a boy of 12 years as of 2019 having weight 42kg i.e 92.6 pounds and the height of 147 cm i.e 4 feet 8 inches. Evan with his sibling Source: BCK Online Generally, the children of 12 years have a lean and thin body but Ryder does have a roly-poly body and many young and teenaged children do look cute with the meaty body.


For now, he is considered very small and young, involving himself on some profession at the age of 12. So, there is nothing that we got information about his career, but as soon as we do know about the news about his career, we will update you about it.

What is Ryder Evan Russaw Net worth and Salary

We all know that he a just a small kid who is fully dependent on his parents and the all the net balance he got in his name is all because of his famous and rich wealthy parents.

He has just got a very luxurious and lavishing life because of well-earning parents. Here we can assume that the boy can be wealthy and thriving in the future if he follows the footsteps of his parents in the coming future.

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Besides being wholly dependent on the parents, our research has found out that he has a net balance of around $9 million through the parent's fortune.

Who is Ryder Evan Russaw Girlfriend? Is he Dating someone?

It's true that there is no age fixed for the boy or girl to fall or rise in a relationship. But in case of Ryder Evan Russaw, he is very young to be in relation or fall for the same age young teenage girl.

As if now, according to our research, there has been no news of this boy being in relation with any girl. But we will update you about the relationship status as soon as we get the information about it. So, kindly and patiently be in touch with us!

Social Media

As for now, this star kid Ryder has no social media accounts because as per the terms and conditions of the social media one must 16 or 18 varying from country to country.

In America, after completing the age of 16 or 16+ one is eligible to use social media, so this young star kid has got no social media accounts.