Michel Stern: Everything You Need About Lisa Kudrow's Husband

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Michel Stern: Everything You Need About Lisa Kudrow's Husband

Most romantic relationships are last for only a short period in Hollywood. We are continually hearing about celebrities dating and then separation at the speed of light? But at a point, it's shocked when we come across a celebrity couple whose relationship last forever.

Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow are the one example for other celebrity couples who have been married for more than 20 years. Michel is famously known as the husband of actress, Lisa. Let's find out the untold story of Michel Stern and his married life, including his net worth and wiki.

Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow Michel Stern and Wife, Lisa Kudrow
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Quick Summary

Birth Name Michel Stern
Net Worth $ 1 Million
Date Of Birth 1958
Place Of Birth France
Age 61
Profession Advertising Executive
Height 5'8"
Spouse Lisa Kudrow
Children One

Michel Stern Married To Lisa Kudrow

In this modern world, it hard to find a guy who is dedicated to only one lady.

It seems to us that Michel is the one who is very loyal to his wife. Michel Stern is married to one of the beloved Hollywood star, Lisa Kudrow. But how did their romance blossom? Well, Michel and Lisa have a fantastic love story which began in the 1980s.

Stern met Lisa through their mutual friend and then became good friends and turned their friendship into a relationship. When he met Lisa, Stern was already in a relationship with Lisa's roommate. Later, Stern broke up his girlfriend and eventually got close to Lisa, and both fell in love.

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However, the couple has not disclosed much information about their relationship with their fans and media.

Michel Stern Son

Two years into their wedding, Stern's wife got pregnant while filming the season 4 and 5 TV series Friends. At the time, she played Pheobe having triplets as a surrogate mother for her younger half-brother Frank and his wife Alice on the series.

Michel's son, Julian Murray Stern Michel's son, Julian Murray Stern
Source: Zimbo Three years later, the couple welcomed their first and only child, Julian Murray Stern on May 7, 1998. His son is now 21 years old.

Career And Net Worth

While there isn't much information available on the Internet but we still came up with some information on his career and net worth.

But what the figure of his net worth? Michel Stren is an advertising executive and has been working in this field for several years. As per sources, his wife Lisa's given him a high status in the entertainment industry whose worth is a bit more than him.

Michel Stern net worth is estimated to be about $1.1 million.

But on the other hand, Stern's wife has a net worth of $90 million which she earns from the different sources such as Actress, writer, and producer. During season 9 and 10 of Friends, Kudrow was paid $1 million per episode.

As a result, she became one of the highest-paid TV actors at the time.

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Furthermore, the Friends stars earning the hefty amount of salary from the show as well as Stern's wife getting a decent amount of pay of $20 million per year.


Michel Stern was born in 1958 and is a native of France. At his younger age, he relocated to the United States and held American citizenship.

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Body Measurements

The height of Michel Stern is not available.

However, his wife, Lisa Kudrow, stands at an altitude of 5 feet 8 inches. As of 2019, Michel is 61 years old, and Lisa is 56 years old.

Social Media

The Friends' star husband is not active on any social media. Additionally, if you are interested to know more about him, then you can follow Lisa Kudrow.

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