Diandra Luker: What is She Doing Now? Everything To Know Michael Douglas's Ex-Wife

Greed is good said by the ex-husband of Diandra when Micheal has thrown to her as they both battle over that...

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Diandra Luker: What is She Doing Now? Everything To Know Michael Douglas's Ex-Wife

Greed is good said by the ex-husband of Diandra when Micheal has thrown to her as they both battle over that she is the part his earnings from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which was made during their marriage. The former couple was married for 23 years, and 11 since Diandra officially split from Michael.

Diandra whose net worth took the height after divorcing with an actor The Ant-Man star and currently living a lavish lifestyle with her bucks. Let us take a look at her bio that includes her net worth, married life, and past affairs.

Diandra Lunker

Quick Facts

Full Name Diandra Morrell Luker
Net Worth N/A
Date Of Birth 1956
Place Of Birth USA
Age N/A
Profession Film Producer and Actress
Ex-Husband Michael Douglas
Children Three
Ex-Fiance Zack Hampton Bacon III

Who is Diandra Luker?

American movie producer and businesswoman, Diandra Luker was born in 1956, but her exact date of birth is not public domain.

She grew up on a small island Majorca. Her father was a former Swiss-American diplomat and her mother was of Anglo-French descent. She was schooled at a boarding school in Switzerland and later relocated to the United States for her higher education.

Diandra also attended the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in Georgetown.

Why did Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas divorce?

Like most celebrities couples, Diandra Luker marriage relationship didn't succeed as her professional life.

Gorgeous Diandra married to actor and producer Michael Douglas. The pair almost lived together for more than two decades. Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas Even how and where Diandra and Michael met the first time and fell in love still is in vague.

The duo exchanged their wedding vows in March 1997 in front of their family, close friends, and relatives. During her marriage, she was just 19-year-old while Michael was 32. Everything was going smoothly between them, but suddenly things changed when friction set in.

Until 1998, the couple's marriage was awesome. Their relationship getting sour and started having a series of fights that led to a separation in 1995. Diandra filed for divorce from Michael, but their divorce was not official until the year 2000.

At the time, Luker received in alimony of $45 million as a part of the divorced settlement. In 1999, Douglas began dating Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and married on November 18, 2000.

Diandra Luker Relationship with Zack Hampton Bacon III

After Luker apart from Douglas, the film producer was seen with Zack Hampton Bacon III who is an executive at a multibillion-dollar Wall Street hedge fund and since 2000, they together but married yet.

A year after, her boyfriend, Zack proposed and asked to marry him in 2001 but she refused to tie the knot unless Bacon paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in alimony he would lose. Instead of getting married the couple remains engaged.

The pair are happily living together with their kids.

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Luker is the mother of three children. She had her first son named Cameron Douglas on December 13, 1978, with ex-husband Michael Douglas.

Cameron walked into the footstep in his parents and secured his place as an actor in Hollywood. Cameron served seven years in the prison for drugs offenses. The engaged couple Bacon and Luker both were planning to have their children and began a series of unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization procedures but didn't succeed.

After the first efforts of surrogate mother to failed Bacon contract with another surrogate. So with the help of a proxy, Luker welcomed their twins baby boys; Hudson and Hawk in 2004. Diandra's twin sons and daughter, Imara As a result, she was not happy having twin boys and decided o adopt a girl from Kazakhstan.

Although Zack was not agreed with her decision and he decided that the premature twin babies need more time and attention. Zack told her at some point if she went forward for the adoption process, he wanted both children custody.

Reportedly, she hooked up with Michael Klein briefly and lasted only for a few months.


Diandra was distracted her newly marriage at the age of 19 and got involved in charity work. She became a member of the Red Crosse and later hired by the Board of Directors of 'Metropolitan Museum of Art' to produced documentaries for their Office of Film and Television.

Besides, Luker also worked as a model for a short period and signed to Ford Models. She worked with Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, and Donna Karan. After her marriage, in 1991, she started documentaries for TV and produce an episode for the American Masters series that regularly aired on the PBS.

Her episode called Frederic Remington: The of Other Dogs. Diandra co-produced the 1993 documentary Beatrice Woods: Mama of Dada that showed on the PBS network which based on the life of the ‘Dada’ artist, Beatrice Wood.

Her other documentaries are Off The Menu: The Last Days of Chasen, The Bird of Sound/Singing Cowboys and Western Swing. She made her debut in 2007 movie Broken Lines.

Net Worth

The former wife of Michael Douglas has earned quite a considerable amount of money through her profession as a film producer and has produced several movies and televisions.

Moreover, she also worked as an actress and has paid a good salary from the movie Broken Lines. Aside from her profession, she received $45 million settlement from her then-husband Douglas and had shared a projects related work that they did in the past.


Diandra de Morrell Douglas is living with her children in S’Estaca house which she owned with her ex-husband, is a privileged space. Pine trees and vineyards surround the beautiful house, take your breath away which built on a plot of 100 hectares.

It has s 10 bedrooms, a loft, two cottages, terraces, a swimming pool, a wine cellar, and private access to the sea. Diandra's house The sixteen-year-old twins Hudson and Hawk and their sister named Imara all are living together with their mother in that mansion.

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