Sheree Whitfield Net Worth plus house on sale, again fired from RHOA

Sheree Whitfield is a reality show star best known for her appearance in Bravo reality show “Real Housewife of Atlanta.” Sheree...

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Sheree Whitfield Net Worth plus house on sale, again fired from RHOA

Sheree Whitfield is a reality show star best known for her appearance in Bravo reality show “Real Housewife of Atlanta. ” Sheree debuted in the first Season of the show in 2008 and had continued till season 4. However, they reportedly fired her at the end of season 4 due to diva demands.

The fans led a massive social media campaign to recast the beautiful diva in the show. Eventually, she had got a guest appearance as a friend in Season 8 of the show. Moreover, she was also signed as a full time cast for Season 9 as well as for Season 10.

However, she got fired again at the end of Season 10 of the show for certain reason. Sheree Whitfield Let’s find out more about her such as her age, bio, husband, boyfriend, kids, house, net worth and the reason behind her second time firing.

Sheree Whitfield Birthday, Age and a short bio

Sheree was born on January 2, 1970, in Shaker Heights in Ohio Cleveland. Her current age is 52 years, and her height is 5 feet 5 inches. The parents of Sheree had divorced when she was just a kid.

Therefore, Sheree was raised by a single mother Thelma Ferguson along with her sibling. Her mother Thelma hasn’t opened up about her father and reason of divorce yet.

Sheree Whitfield husband and boyfriend

Sheree Whitfield is currently a single mother but was married to retired NFL star Bob Whitfield.

She had met Bob in 1993, and after seven years of dating, they had married in 2000. The couple had a chaotic relationship; as a result, they had a divorce on October 3, 2007. After the divorce, Sheree was in a romantic relationship with her longtime friend, Tyron Gilliams.

Sheree opened up about her boyfriend in Season 9 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her boyfriend Tyrone is currently serving ten years in the federal prison after found guilty in a $5 million fraud in investments. The longtime friends Sheree and Tyron had lost contact with each other for about four years.

Then they reconnect and begin their romantic relationship and dated for eight months before Tyron’s prison sentence — which Sheree said she did not know until he went in. She further added: “I didn’t know he went away!

We broke up”. We stopped up talking before he went to prison since he didn’t want to get me involved in any of that”. Currently, Whitfield isn't involved in any relationship and happily enjoying her life as a single mom.

Why did Sheree got fired again from RHOA

Sheree Whitfield had got fired again from Real Housewife of Atlanta in April 2018. According to US Magazine, she was fired after the filming of the Season 10 reunion and the reason behind it was her relationship with her boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams.

It seems Tyron’s criminal record that has played a role in the network’s decision not to bring Sheree back in Season 11 of the show.

Sheree Whitfield kids

Shree has two children from her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, Kairo Whitefield (born in 1996) and Kaleigh Whitefield (born on 1999).

She also had a daughter named Tierra, whom she gave birth at the age of 14. Sheree did not share the name of Tierra's father with anyone yet. However, she does not have any kids from her boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams. Moreover, after divorcing with her husband Bob, Sheree raised her three children as a single mother without the support of anyone.

Her son Kairo is an upcoming model and is getting international recognition. He also plays basketball for Moorehouse College. Here is his Instagram image.

She is probably going to sell her house, Chateau Sheree

There is news on the web about Sheree’s neck-deep debt over trying to maintain “Chateau Sheree”.

According to Straight From The A, property contractors want her to sell the house so that she can finally pay to them. Moreover, she has reportedly been trying to get her certificate of occupancy, but the home still can’t pass inspections.

Sheree faced numerous lawsuits and problems from contractors and court during the build of the house. Sheree owes $10,012.50 to Heritage Landscape Group, Flowery Branch for landscaping work. Similarly, another contractor sued her in 2015 for $15,450 with $7,650 late fees and other charges.

She also reportedly be obliged the IRS over multiple tax charges going back to 2009. The charges on her house are said to total about $348,404.48.

Sheree Whitfield net worth

During her time in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she earned a huge amount of $550,000.

Similarly, she has also received a huge amount of $775,000 as a divorce settlement and $2,142 in child support from Bob Whitfield. However, because of her loss on boutique business, expenses on raising children, and expenses over lawsuits, she has only around $250,000 left as her net worth in 2018.