Niki Demartino: Single Or Mingle? Know Her Age, Net Worth, Bio

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Niki Demartino: Single Or Mingle? Know Her Age, Net Worth, Bio

When you switch your mindset from stressing about the future to just having gratitude and being present, everything will change, said by the beauty vlogger, Niki Dermatino. Niki Demartino is popular for her beauty and fashion videos.

Niki's cute and innocent face would make every guy fall for her and search Niki on Google yo know more who she is. Want to know more about Niki Demartino wiki, age, height, income, dating, and siblings. Keep reading the article.

Niki Demartino Niki Demartino

Quick Facts

Born Name Niki Demartino
Birth Place USA
Birth Date May 5, 1995
Siblings Three
Education N/A
Nationality American
Height 5'3"
Profession YouTuber and Model
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Age 23
Dating Nate West
Ex-Boyfriend Jerry Pascucci
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Who is Niki Demartino?

The YouTuber Niki Demartino was born at St.Luke Hospital on May 5, 1995, before six minutes her twin sister, Gabriella.

She has an elder sister Alex and has a younger brother Anthony. Her parents are dentists and her mother has been always supportive.

Niki Demartino age is 23.

She studies at St. Anne School from kindergarten to secondary. While she was at Moravian Academy, her classmate tease and insult so she moved to St.

Jane School with her twin sister, Gabi. They made new friends there but unfortunately one of her best friends, Kimmy passed away from cancer. She still visits her grave and mourns her loss. After high school graduation, she went on to DeSales University and majored in communication.

As a kid, she developed her interest in modeling and styling. During her middle school, she formed a band called 'Pinkice' alongside her twin sister Gabriella and her friends. Niki and Gabi Niki and Gabi

How did Niki Demartino rise to fame?

Niki was a fun loving girl and loves doing makeup since at a young age.

During high school, she and her twin sister started watching YouTube, then created a YouTube Channel titled '000Remakegirls' which run by her elder sister and both Niki and Gabi. She uploads contents like cover songs, parodies, short films and comedy films.

Four years later, she created her own self-titled channel, Niki DeMar in June 2014. She started making and uploading videos like beauty and fashion tutorials, challenges, Q&A and many more. On her YouTube, she has more than 2 million subscribers and 152 million views. After gaining success from her first channel, she and her sister launched their collaborative YouTube channel "Niki and Gabi" in 2012. The twin channel has amassed over 7 million subscribers and 936 million views till to date.

Niki and Gabi are the twin sister but both are opposite in personalities, looks, and fashion. Niki and Gabi released their EP debut 'INDIVIDUAL' on June 18, 2018, and has garnered over 887k views. The music positive reviews from their fans. The same year she created her first beauty channel, with Gabriella. Their first video was Demi Lovato Inspired Curls tutorial', which went viral and earned them heaps of viewers and subscribers.

YouTube helped her define her career, and now she is advising, giving tutorials, vlogging and blogging. She is an acclaimed beauty guru and has started her personal channel too!

Niki Demartino: Net Worth

Niki Demartino is one of the most popular YouTube celebrity and earns mostly from her music, beauty and fashion videos.

Niki Demartino's estimated net worth is $1.5 million, as of 2019.

Apart from videos, she generates extra income from her clothing line where she sells a variety of apparel and accessories like sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses and much more.

Also, she has a website called 'NikiandGabi' where you can get her latest songs and videos as well. Currently, she is endorsing the beaitu product 'ColorPopCo.'

Who is Niki Demartino dating?

Niki Demartino loves to be in front of the camera since her childhood and now she is dating a guy behind the camera, and they both look cute together.

Let;'s have a close look at her dating life and affair. As of the current writing, the YouTube star is dating drummer and cinematographer, Nate West who shoots videos for Niki and Gabi. Her boyfriend gained massive attention after Demartino confirmed her relationship with Nate via YouTube.

Also, Niki tweeted: Niki's fans are very happy that she found a new love who take cares of her so much. One of her fans retweeted, saying that Niki and Nate looked so cute. Moreover, she even posts numerous pictures of them hanging out together on her Instagram with sweet captions. On Valentine's Day, she posted a photo with her love with a lovely caption, "Keep me here forever." Niki and Nate Niki and Nate

Niki Dermatino's Former Boyfriend

Prior to Nate, Niki dated YouTuber, Jerry Pascucci.

Followers of Niki were shocked when she revealed that she and Jerry were no more together. Niki Demartino and then-boyfriend, Jerry Pascucci Niki Demartino and then-boyfriend, Jerry Pascucci They split up after dating each other for four years. Nearly after six months of their break up, finally, she opened up about her devasting breakup and how's she recovered.

Niki recorded a video in the style of letter to her old self just before she broke up with Jerry. Watch the video below. Niki and her then-boyfriend started dating before YouTube and through a journey of YouTube, her identity was as a girlfriend.

Niki met Jerry for the first time at their high school and introduced to each other and began dating in October 2012.

The two broke up at the end of 2016 but she didn't specify the caused of their split, give the hint at dishonesty.

In the video 'Message to Me,' she said,

"Stop being afraid to love yourself. You can be who you are. You can be who you want to be. It's really all up to you. When you put yourself first, everything changes."

Social Media Presence

Niki has garnered millions of subscribers and fans through her videos on YouTube as well as other social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

On Instagram, she has over 3 million followers and loves posting pictures of herself and with her boyfriend as well. Will Niki take her relationship with Nate another leave or not? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.