Kevin Olusola: Secret Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio, Etc

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Kevin Olusola: Secret Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio, Etc
Kevin Olusola: Secret Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio, Etc (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Kevin Olusola is a very talented musician who has won millions of hearts throughout the world for his incredible work. Not only was a great musician, but he's also a great record producer and an outstanding songwriter. He's a lot more than that because he's also an incredible beatboxer.

He's nothing but the Pentatonix's Grammy winner Kevin Olusola. Kevin Olusola was born on the 5th of October, 1988, in Kentucky. Ever since he was four, he demonstrated his talent in music. He started music lessons when he was a toddler.

He learned to play the piano and other musical instruments. Some instruments that Kevin plays are Piano, Cello, Saxophone, and Guitar. When Kevin was at school, he was involved in the work of different music bands, for instance, the jazz and orchestra group.

Studying medicine in Yale and Southern Connecticut State University, he was a frequent participant of all the concerts in those institutions. In his free time, he made cover versions of different favorite songs which made him famous on YouTube.

Later Kevin became a beatboxer in the group which goes under the name ‘Pentatonix.’ Now Kevin is a singer, a producer, a rapper and a songwriter. Kevin wanted to become a doctor, and the music was more of a hobby for him; though he was very successful and even was offered a scholarship at Yale.

Kevin has gained popularity due to his talent which he showed at Amsterdam Cello Biennale and the Kronberg Academy Festival. Olusola has released many singles and albums as his work, his album, ‘The Renegade’ has taken first place in charts.

Kevin Olusola Secret Girlfriend

Kevin's girlfriend name is Alyssa. Alyssa has Asian and African American ethnicity. The couple dating history is not known, but they are in a relationship. Alyssa continually posts photos of the couple in her Instagram profile @alyssa_lein.

The media found out about Kevin not being single when Pentatonix did Twitter Question & Answer for Sony Music Canada. That’s when it was known that only Avi and Mitch were single. The session meant that Kevin was not alone at the time and was seeing someone.

Kevin Olusola Net Worth

The net worth of all the members of Pentatonix saw a significant rise after their success in Billboard Charts and music awards. Kevin as a group has already received three Grammy Awards and is the main cello and beatboxer of the group.

He earns around 1 million dollars annually from Pentatonix and also releases videos on his youtube channel. His numerous side earnings also contributed to his net worth. Kevin's net worth is around 8 million dollars. This young chap is expected to grow in the music industry even more in the future.

Kevin Olusola Family And Siblings

Kevin’s father’s name is Oluwole Olusola. He is a medical man, specializing in a psychiatrist. Kevin’s mother’s name is Caroline Paul. She is a nurse. Kevin has a brother whose name is Kellon and a sister whose name is Candace.

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