Dave Kindig's Bio, Wife, Kids, Net Worth,& Many More.

If you love exploring by merely sitting in your room and taking a look at cool videos online, there is a...

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Dave Kindig's Bio, Wife, Kids, Net Worth,& Many More.

If you love exploring by merely sitting in your room and taking a look at cool videos online, there is a great variety to choose. There are many things to learn and to find out, and they are all out there waiting for you. If you like finding out something more about sure famous gearheads, you are in the right place as we will be taking a look at some of the cold facts and details about Dave Kindig.

Dave Kindig Yes, this famous car customizer has been around for a long time now and has had a great career so far. It is time to find out something more about him!

Dave Kindig's Early Life

Dave's early life is a mystery.

Though, it is found that at the age of 17, Dave had a deep interest in Volkswagen Beetles. Later, when he started working as a graphic designer and customization. It is also said, he has worked for eight long years in high-performance coatings company that does ceramic coating on exhaust system for cars shown on auto shows.

Then, succeeding he started his own business. Dave had a deep interest in cars and bikes since his childhood; he especially loves cars. He is a talented vehicle designer and is passionate about it.

Awards & Achievements

Dave Kindig has earned many honors all through his professional career.

In 2007, he was awarded GM Design Award. Subsequently, in 2008 he achieved the Utah Rod Inductee award. Continuing to it, in 2012 he bagged Master Builder Award as well as Trendsetter Award. Also, he brought home Ford Design Award in 2013 as well.

Also, he bags a prime honor acknowledged to any entrepreneur, the conviction, and trust of his clients.

Start of Kindig-It Design

Kindig started from his garage and experienced early success, thanks to Dave's connections from his previous job.

Within just two months, he bought a commercial space and introduced Kindig-It Design to Utah. Since then, Kindig has enjoyed massive success in the automotive sector. He is the lead designer of models and draws all the models by hand.

Also, prefers design by hand as it is faster than using computer software. Furthermore, he can create a sketch in about two hours according to the needs of clients.

Is Dave Kindig Married?

Dave is married to Wife Charity Kindig, who also has a passion for Rod cars.

Charity encouraged Dave to quit his old job and start a new business. The constant support of his family contributes a lot to Dave's prominent success. Dave And His Wife Charity She is the vice-president of Kindig-It Design and sees the management of their company.

The couple together is making a fortune from the custom design and merchandise business. The following post sure sheds light on their happily married life.

Dave Kindig's Kids

Dave has two beautiful children. Elder daughter is Baylee Kindig and younger son Drew Kindig.

Both work in Dave's company. Baylee started as a runner, then an office assistant and now works as head of Apparel, managing company website, and over-see shipping department. However, she is planning for her wedding with her fiance.

Drew works in the company as a fellow designer and has excellent drawing skills as his father. He also looks over the branding of merchandise such as company T-shirts, bags, and other materials.

Dave Kindig Net Worth

Dave is the owner of Kindig-It Design located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The company spreads over an area of 27,000 Sq — Ft over a personal, commercial building. Dave's primary source of revenue comes from a custom modification of cars and bikes. Dave is also a tv star which is also another income source.

He has starred in the show Bitchin' Rides. However, the show was a massive hit and surprising numbers of viewers right from the first year. Since then the show has produced numerous seasons, and Kindig-It Design has experienced an increase in the number of visitors and merchandise sales.

Dave's net worth is estimates to be around $2- 2.5 million Apart from being rich, Dave is a humble and loving person. He maintained a friendly relationship with his staff and didn't miss to surprise his crew on their birthday.

Moreover, he wishes every his loved ones through social media. Dave admits he could earn much more from custom designing modern cars. Still, he also insists on staying true to Rods along with classic American cars, which is his passion since childhood.

However, his limitless imagination and creative experiments on classic automobiles have won the hearts of his customers which is overgrowing. You can have a look at his work through this link.

Body Measurements Of Dave Kindig

Dave has a height of 165 cm, and he weighs about 65kgs.

His eye and hair color is Brown. However, we don't know the exact measures of his body shape. Also, for more updates don’t forget to like our Facebook and also follow on Instagram.