Ricky Berwick: Bio, Age, Parents, Disease Condition, Wife, Net Worth

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Ricky Berwick: Bio, Age, Parents, Disease Condition, Wife, Net Worth

Some become entirely inactive, pointing that disability is the inability. However being disabled doesn't block you from all the possibilities in the world also there's always hope at the end of the tunnel. If you are into meme and Giphy, then you must be familiar and have probably seen Ricky Berwick.

Ricky Berwick is the name of a renowned American Youtube figure who has become increasingly popular every day. He's famous for his comedy shows. The YouTuber has earned a name for himself despite the disability, the Beals-Hecht syndrome that hinders his body movements.

This article is all you need to know about the life and journey of self-proclaimed Twitter entertainer Ricky Berwick. Here's everything you need to understand about the life and journey of Ricky Berwick, his net worth, salary, and other personal information.

Short Description

Social media personality and Twitter self-proclaimed entertainer, Ricky Berwick is well-known for his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Comedy videos and social performances. He's popular with more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

He was born with an infirmity that restricts his movement. Initially, in 2007, he began his YouTube channel but became popular only after his video "Darude-Sandstorm "which was in 2016.

Early Life & Disease

On April 23, 1992, Ricky Berwick was born in Ontario, Canada.

The name of his parents is Devon Berwick and Barbara Berwick. He is originally from Canada and belongs to white ethnicity. He's been stuck to a motorized wheelchair for most of his childhood. His disease is a rare genetic condition caused by FBN2 mutations, and therefore his arm span is higher than his height, and his fingers and toes are very long.

Ricky was not at school because of his disability and was educated at home. The YouTuber has been experiencing a significant genetic disorder since the time of his birth, named Beals-Hecht. This disease leads to abnormal growth of the carrier's fingers and toes, which causes muscle contraction.

The number of people with this syndrome is still unknown globally; it is supposed to affect less than one person every 10,000 births each year.

Stardom to his Career in Youtube

In 2007, Ricky began his channel, but he did not post his first video until 2016.

It was a video which introduced Ricky to people around the world "wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have keem. " He sang "I Wouldn't Have Nothing If I Don't Have You "the popular song of Randy Newman, a duet with other YouTube star, Keemstar.

Ricky's a close friend with him.nRicky posted a further video, followed by another one, that made him famous after having got a few thousand subscriptions and views on his channel. Rapidly, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, the figure of the people who followed him increased with every new video.

Among the most popular videos of his are' Fidget Spinners Review'( more than seven million videos),' Buying a video game with my chairs'( only six million views),' Grocery Shopping'( with over five million views),' Ordering McDonalds,'( with over three million), are some videos out of many which made him famous over the internet.

Fame life Of Ricky Berwick

Ricky attracted over a million subscribers to his channel through his Dark Comedy, and more than 160 million videos have been viewed. His popularity is also extended to other social media platforms.

Ricky is one of the most famous faces, as such, for anybody who has not seen him before. This didn't take away his smile and humor, because he is extremely popular with these two things. Fortunately, his illness doesn't influence his age.

Therefore, he will consecutively make us laugh, and we will enjoy his humor for years.

The net worth of Ricky Berwick

The American Youtuber earns mainly from his video on YouTube. Depending on his resources, his channel earns $2.3K–$ 37.1K a month and $27.8K–$ 444.8K a year.

Ricky has an expected net worth of $350,000. Besides that, he also has his T-shirt and hoodies merchandise, which are available online on the fanfiber.com website. His profits from the goods contributed enormously to his net value.

His merchandise ranges from $27.13 to $49.33.

Lovelife of Ricky Berwick

Ricky Berwick is currently 30 years old and as of now, has no girlfriends and is not married yet. Hopefully, he may someday definitely find the love of his life.

Ricky Berwick is still young and hasn't planned for any marriage. He may have a girlfriend based on his tweet where he urged people to unfollow his girlfriend. His nationality is Canada and has two cats named Sonny and Shady.


Social Media Profile

He has a combination of millions of followers on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram throughout social networking. Besides the brief videos which he distributes, his clips are also used for many meme formats.

On his Instagram, Ricky has amassed more than 404k followers and 1.4 million followers on his Facebook page. More than 220 K followers are on his Twitter account and over 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel! You may also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for recent updates about your favorite celebrity.