Is Marty Lagina married?: Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

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Is Marty Lagina married?: Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

It could take much time and effort to hunt for the treasury. The prime location of the destined treasury takes a year or more, practical and necessary skills. One of the experts in this field is Treasurer Marty Lagina, who is known for his discovery of the proven indication of his show "The Curse of Oak Island.


Marty Lagina is a renowned American reality TV personality who is best known for starring in the History Channel reality series “The Curse of Oak Island.” The show also features his brother, Rick Lagina, who along with Marty attempts to find buried treasure on Oak Island.

We've got you covered from his biography to his career and his family. Scroll down the page!

Quick Facts About Marty Lagina

Date Of Birth 1955-08-26
Parents George Jacob Lagina (Father), Ann Lagina (Mother)
Profession TV Personality, Engineer
Net Worth $100 Million (Estimated)
Education University of Michigan
Wife/Spouse Margaret Olivia Lagina
Children Alex Lagina (Son), Maddie Lagina (Daughter)

Short Description

Marty Lagina is a reality television star, best known for "The Curse of the Oak Island, "which premiered on the History network in Canada from 5 January 2014.

Also, Marty is a television celebrity as well as a successful engineer and entrepreneur, and an innovative scientist. Not only he has a prosperous and successful career in his life, but he is also happy to marry his wife with whom he shares two children.

Early Life & Education

Marty Lagina was born on the 26th of August 1955. Marty was born in Kingsford on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is now 63 years of age. He is of American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

In Italy, his family did the wine-making business. Here he developed his passion for the wine industry. The name of his mother is Ann C Lagina and his father George Lagina; both have passed away. His mom is known to have worked in an enterprise called Lake Shore Engineering as an engineer.

Rick Lagina is Marty 's elder brother, and he has two sisters,' Terese Fornetti and Marianne Gardener. Most of his childhood days were spent with his brother Rick Lagina in Michigan. It is well known that he graduated from the University of Michigan Tech where he was one of the top master's graduates.

In 1977 he completed his Michigan Tech degree. Following this, he decided to study law, so he obtained his doctorate in law, again at Michigan University, in 1982.

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Married Life with Children

The wife of Marty Lagina is Margaret Olivia Lagina.

It is difficult to explain more about their history as the couple has managed to keep confidentiality on this part of their lives. However, Marty Lagina 's married life with his wife is not very well known. The bright side is that the couple shares two children a boy and a girl named by Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina.

As he proceeded to engineer, the passion of Alex was not far from his fathers. As a consequence, he is currently the Villa Mari Vineyard manager located in Michigan, Italy. The business is a family-run enterprise. Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagina hold the same degree in engineering, but his wife is a graduate in geological engineering.

It is rumored that last year the couple would break off their marriage. Nevertheless, it was only a rumor, which has never changed before. For over two decades, they have been driving a happily married life. Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagina have no other news of split or divorce.

Both Alex and Maddie help their dad to conduct his business while he was hunting out Oak Island treasures.

Career and path

He began his career in' Amoco Production Company' as a petroleum engineer, placing some lights into his brilliant career.

Also, in 1982, he founded his own oil and gas company. He also is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Michigan State Bar. He became a well-known public figure after featuring on the TV reality show The Curse of Oak Island.

The Curse of the Oak Island, which appears in History Channel, was the limelight for Marty Lagina. Rick Lagina, together with his brother joined Marty 's treasure hunts on Oak Island. The sibling's used modern technology and independent researchers to obtain historical artifacts buried on the island.

The Blankenship family lived on the island. Lagina has, therefore, worked together with Dan Blankenship and Dave Blankenship to determine the island's mysteries. In the years, the Oak Island Curse has attracted a lot of people's attention.

The life of This Treasurer

The reality TV character is famous for starring at the "The Curse of Oak Island" History channel reality show. He is having a successful winemaking career, and his energy business is also booming.
Marty being the producer of the TV show is also a proud owner of his company "Terra Energy.

"In 1990 the company was a pioneer for natural gas citing from shale, and later he sold it to a company named CMs Energy.

He had a keen interest in turning bio-based resources into electricity, and thanks to that he started his new job "Heritage Sustainable Heritage "in Missaukee, Michigan.

The gigantic task presently is to build 60 wind turbines.

Marty Lagina’s Net Worth

Marty has accumulated tremendous wealth as a successful businessman, engineer and reality star. Therefore, Marty rejoices in a substantial net worth figure.

He has a wind turbine company Heritage Sustainable. He formerly owned the natural gas production company Terra Energy, which he reportedly sold at $58 million to CMS energy.

Marty is a winemaker who owns Mari Vineyards reestablished in June 2016. Marty Lagina has accumulated an astonishing net worth of around $100 million through his different endeavors.

As of 2019, Marty Lagina has a net worth around $100 million.

The net value of his brothers is four times smaller.

Since they were raised to think about money as something that doesn't change the world, this does not change anything.

Body Measurements

Marty stands at the height of 1.75 m (5 feet 8 inch). He seems physically fit for his age of 63.

He maintains a weight of around 60 and also has brown hair, and his eyes are also black. Next, to this, his body measurements and his shoe size are still not accessible.

Marty Lagina’s Instagram

The treasure hunter isn't on Instagram, but you can keep track of his IG show updates @the_oak_island_mystery.

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