Rapper Vanilla Ice: Net Worth, House, Age, Height, Music Career

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Rapper Vanilla Ice: Net Worth, House, Age, Height, Music Career

You have undoubtedly heard about " Ice Ice Baby, " a famous ’90s song which was once the favorite of all playlists. Today we will discuss on the fabulous artist Vanilla Ice, a dancer, and rapper whose fame and glory disappeared over the time.

Well, his story isn't quite a sad one, and some of his hit songs are still much loved until this date. Here's everything you need to know about the bio, wife, and children of Vanilla Ice, exclusive value body statistics and data.

But what is the real name of Vanilla Ice? We may have a look, scroll the page below! The U.S. rapper, actor, and TV host Robert Matthew Van Winkle (born 31 October 1967) is professionally known as Vanilla Ice. After his fame started to fade, the rapper changed the gears and became a professional jet-skier.

Vanilla Ice continues to record new material, although it has never recovered his early success.

When did he obtain his nickname Vanilla?

This name occurred in his teenage years. He was in the break dancing group where only he was the one who was not black.

It didn't sound quite appealing to him. After some time he was named Vanilla Ice. The Ice represents a breakdancing move.

Vanilla Ice’s net worth

Various sources, along with us, carried out their evaluation of the wealth and assets of the rapper.

The net value of Vanilla Ice is estimated to be around 18 million dollars. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrWi8KXnfhx/ Furthermore, he revealed his monthly average income to $68,000. Much of it stems from his career as an artist and his rap career.

When he topped charts in the' 80s, his wealth is all about his musical success throughout the' 90s. Also, the rapper is an established actor and host for television. The Vanilla Ice Project, The Greatest ' 90 's, Celebrious Feud, Underground Lucha and more, are some of his shows.

Apart from this, his music is also featured as a movie and film soundtrack, including Mutant Ninja Turtles II.

Vanilla Ice House and cars

We learned how rich Ice is in the details of his vehicles, houses, and assets during a new divorce fight with his ex-wife.

The days are gone when rich people buy an island as a whole. They're now making their island giving them a name as a home. Ice lives on a human-made island in an 8,700 square foot house in Miami Beach. It has a gazebo, a dock for his boat, a pool for summer days and a waterfront of 100 feet just because he's able to afford it.

Vanilla Ice 's house's best feature is its garage where its vehicles are parked. Vanilla has eight different cars from various car manufacturers. These include a white Gemballa Porsche, a Lincoln Mark LT, 2010, Rolls-Royce Phantom, a GMC Syclone in 1991, and Cadillacs for heavy rotation.

Vanilla Ice career info

He also wrote songs as he played in the nightclubs and released his first album in 1989 featuring his first hit song called Ice Ice Baby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rog8ou-ZepE The song was listed on most radio stations at the time as frequently played songs.

The success of this song brought SBK Records to him. The same year he published a single Play that Funky Music that was not short of his first piece's success. Ice Ice Baby, Play That Funky Music, Hooked, It's a party and many others sold millions of copies worldwide were one of his top-selling music.

In consequence, he entered the mainstream, fought with several record labels to sign him up. Vanilla got an opportunity to work with SBK / EMI, SBK, Universal, Liquid 8, Ultrax and Psychopathic record labels from Ichiban for his musical releases.
Vanilla Ice also raced with TV hosts and shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Brother Vs.

The Ridiculous 6 and Brother. Also includes That's My Boy, The Rustlas Big Money, The Helix... Loaded and The New Guy.

Early Life of Vanilla Ice

He was born in Dallas, Texas, by the name of Robert Matthew Van Winkle. He was the only white kid in a rapping group, and he hated it for many years, his friends had called him Vanilla.

But soon he took the name, adding Ice by his dance abilities, and the birth of his stage name. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsX8xptH7XS/ He never knew his biological father and instead grew up with his stepfather and moved to Carrollton, Texas to attend R.L.

Turner high school. But he decided to not go to school, dropped out, and concentrated on dance and music.

Awards & Achievements

He won the Favorite Pop / Rock New Artist American Music Award in 1991. The single' Ice Ice baby' was awarded the 1991 People's Choice for Best New Song.

Vanilla Ice Age, Height, Measurement

Therefore, at the age of 51, his zodiacal sign is Scorpio.

The rapper is 6 meters 2 " high and weighs 189 lbs. He has an average type of body with a muscular physique. His shoe size and dress size are not available.

Family – Wife, and Kids

For eight months in 1990, Vanilla dated to the celebrated singer, Madonna.

But their relationship did n't go beyond that since they didn't marry or have children together. The once well-known musician met Laura Giaritta in 1995, and they fell in love and chose to tie the wedding line, marrying in 1997.

After their marriage, their two daughters, Dusti Rain and Keelee Breeze were born in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Vanilla Ice His wife filed for divorce in October 2016, citing an irreversibly disruptive relationship as a basis for wanting to leave the marriage.

Vanilla spent the next six months trying to convince her, but the same destiny which followed him in his music found its way into his wedding which was over 20 years old. There has been little information on the status of the divorce proceedings, as both sides treat it as a private matter.


Social Media

His fans can easily connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Vanilla Ice is quite active on social media. Exceptionally, he has 386k followers on Instagram and has 343K followers on Twitter.

Furthermore, he has more than 183K followers on his official Facebook account. For more updates don’t forget to like our Facebook and also follow on Instagram.