Chaka Khan Bio, Net Worth, Career, Songs, Marriage, Children etc.

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Chaka Khan Bio, Net Worth, Career, Songs, Marriage, Children etc.

Singer and songwriter Chaka Khan, one of the most influential and skilled artists to premiere in the early 1970s, secured her high standing as Rufus' frontperson. A multicultural band successfully moving across soul, jazz, rock, and funk, they reached the mainstream after "Tell Me Something Good" in 1974 was released, a Top Five pop hit that won a Grammy and continuously placed albums at the top of the pop and R&B charts throughout the decade.

Chaka Khan Chaka Khan Singing legend, Chaka Khan has seen many ups and downs in her career. Know her better with this article. Ten times Grammy Award-winner, Chaka Khan is also known as "Queen of Funk." She is an American singer and songwriter.

Chaka Khan is the lead singer of the funk group ‘Rufus,’ the most famous band in the 1970s. Chaka Khan was born on 23 March 1953 in Chicago, Illinois to Charles Stevens and Sandra Coleman. Her birth name is Yvette Marie Stevens.

A Yoruba Baba gave her a name ‘Chaka Adunne Aduffe Hodarhi Karifi’ at the age of 13. She changed her named to Chaka Khan after becoming famous. She is the eldest of her family's five children and grew up in the Hyde Park area.

Her sister, Yvonne, and brother, Mark is a successful musician. She has another two sisters named Zaheva Stevens and Tammy McCrary. Yvette Maries Stevens attended Calumet High School and Kenwood High School. Chaka began performing with her then-boyfriend after she dropped out of school.

Career & Songs

Chaka Khan was first recognized in the 1970s in the music industry as the frontwoman and lead member of the band "Rufus" famous for their funk & R&B genre. The band initially came up with their self-titled debut in the year 1973.

But it didn't catch any attention. Later, they released the song ‘Tell Me Something Good’ which went on to become a hit song peaking at the third position on the US 100. And the same earned them a most prestigious Grammy Award, their first award in 1974.

However, they didn't receive an overnight success and recognition. It was slow but eventually gained popularity. And she once again began her music career as a solo artist. Then in 1978 after a contract deal with Warner Bros, Chaka released a self-titled solo album "Chaka."I'm Every Woman’ her song from the album was a super hit song.

The song received a number 21 title on the US Billboard 100. With a single hit song, the album sold over a million copies. The song earned her a Grammy nomination but unluckily didn't won it. The following year Chaka collaborated with her band Rufus once again for the album titled ‘Masterjam.’ The next few years hiped her popularity once more with some of her best albums release such as So far Chaka has won numbers of Grammys for her songs like ‘Ain’t Nobody,’Be Bop Medley.’ But with the end of the 1990s, her fame was falling with the change in the music of the new generation.

But, she continued and soon collaborated with a legendary singer Ray Charles in the song ‘I’ll Be Good to You.’ It is from the album Look Out for. The song bought her one more Grammy. Chaka released the famous "The Woman I Am’" two years later which was a huge commercial hit.

And again this time, the song bagged her another Grammy. Later she released "Epiphany" Vol. 1 in 1996, the compilation of few of her best creation. In 2003, Chaka again won a Grammy for the song ‘What’s Going On’ collaborated with The Funk Brothers.

In 2004, she dropped her another album ‘ClassiKhan.’ Later, in 2007, she came with another Grammy-winning album titled ‘Funk This.’ In cooperation with Mary J. Blige, the single 'Disrespectful' is produced.

Currently, she is not as active as she was before. In the year 2016 made a comeback with her single ‘I Love Myself.’ However the same year she went to rehab.

Endorsements And Charity

Chaka Khan is signed with many endorsement deals and appears in several cover magazines.

She owed her fortune also through smart stock investment and from a contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics. Besides she has also done some commercial works. She has established a foundation named ‘Chaka Khan Foundation.’ Also, she owns several restaurants in Washington D.C.

Besides, she has launched her brand of Vodka and Perfume. Also, she has her fashion line named Chaka Khan Seduction.

Chaka Khan Married Life and Children

Chaka married twice in her life and is a mother of two kids. At the age of 17 in 1970, Chaka married Hassan Khan; however, they didn't last for a long time.

After her divorce with Hassan, she dated Rahsaan Morris and gave birth to a daughter named Indira Milini. But she married for the second time with Richard Holland in 1976 and had a son with him. Their son name is Damien Holland.

In 2006, Khan’s son, Damien was accused of murder after 17 years old, Christopher Bailey was shot dead at a party at her home. Chaka Khan Kids Chaka Khan Kids Khan testified on behalf of her son that he never intended to kill Christopher.

The mother and son shared that his son's girlfriend was having an affair with the younger man. Damien Holland just pointed a gun at his friend but accidentally fired, this was an unforgettable event which came to her life when she divorced for the second time in 1980 with Richard Holland.

After the separation, she moved to London to Germany and also lived in Mannheim.

Chaka Khan Net Worth

Chaka Khan is one of the highest-paid singers in the industry. She earns both name and fame through her music albums. She makes a tremendous amount of money from her music and tours.

Also, she has sold millions of copies of her records worldwide.

Social Media Presence

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