Eva Gutowski Is Bise*ual. Check Out Her Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio, & Instagram

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Eva Gutowski Is Bise*ual. Check Out Her Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio, & Instagram

The beauty and fashion lessons she posts are quite famous and handy for the targeted audiences as she illustrates the appropriateness of different outfits and products for various events. She is one of the hottest YouTube and internet sensational Eva Gutowski, best known for her channel " Mylifeaseva," where she posted videos about all things relating to beauty and fashion.

She was born in Orange County, California on July 29, 1994, and grew up with her siblings, Maya. Eva Gutowski Eva Marisol Gutowski was born on July 29, 1994, in Orange County, California, United States of America. She is an American nationality and is of Thai origin.

Her parents divorced when she was just three years old, and her mother married another person. Her mother and step-father raised her in Orange County along with her sister, Maya Gutowski. Also, her father relocated to San Francisco after splitting up with her mother.

Family Photo Family Photo Eva studies at California’s Fullerton State University with Broadcast Journalism and pursuing her degree in new reporting and entertainment.

Career On Social Media Of Eva Gutowski

Eva Gutowski loves being in front of the camera since her childhood.

She has always dreamt of becoming an actress or a psychiatrist. Eva began her career in the social media and joined YouTube channel in 2011. While she was studying in her high school, she became more interested in entertainment host and reporter.

Eva started making and posting videos in 2012 on her channel ‘MyLifeAsEva.’ Her channel mainly focuses on beauty and fashion. In late 2013, she has 100k subscribers, and in early 2014, her subscribers whooped around 200k.

Back in 2017, her channel has 8 million subscribers and 650 million views. Before fame, she worked as a cashier at mom and pop pizza shop. Her beauty and fashion tutorials are quite catchy and specially targeted for viewers. Her hair and makeup videos more popular.

The way she presents herself and shares her experience with the audience. Some of her famous videos are Cute and Warm Fall Outfits, Airplane Hair/Makeup and How I Style. Besides her fashion videos, she also posted DIY videos and one of her most popular DIYs video is Fast and Affordable Halloween Costumes.

Eva was part of the ‘Girl Night In’ tour including other YouTube fashion and lifestyles vloggers like Mia Stammer, Sierra Furtado, Andie Case, Alisha Marie, and Meredith Foster. Apart from her YouTube career, she is an actress, singer, and rapper.

Eva starred in YouTube Red called Me & My Grandma which premiered in 2017. The series also stars comedy great Rhea Perlman. Gutowski released her first single “Literally My Life” in April 2015, which has 42 million views till to date.

Eva Gutowski Is An Author

Eva is a talented artist and has authored a book titled ‘My Life as Eva: The Struggle was Real’ published in 2017. In her book, she wrote about the ups and downs of her life including a chapter on the rape she experienced when she was 16 years old.

Eva also signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. After two days, she released a short video titled ‘I Am A Victim of Se*ual Assault’ in 2017 in which she starred as 16 years old self-dealing with the aftermath of se*ual violence.

Eva Gutowski’s Boyfriend, Adam Bartoshesky

Eva Gutowski and Adam Bartoshesky are dating a photographer and model, Adam Bartoshesky. The couple is together since 2016 and living happily together. But in January 2018, the couple stated that they broke up, and there are no longer in love couple.

Adam posted a picture of with a lengthy message on his Instagram that hoe two people can be perfect for each other but time do not always with you. After that Eva tweeted, she was unable to receive unconditional love back who was the world for her.

https://twitter.com/lifeaseva/status/958523180674465792 However, the two lovers did not stay away a long time from each other and got back together in April 2018 while they on the trip on at Coachella. Eva and Adam click many pictures of them and also posted snuggly photos on each other social account.

Eva posted a photo without a caption on her Instagram where Adam shared a photo of them with a caption,

Eva Gutowski Is Bise*ual

Eva disclosed via Twitter to her fans that she is bise*ual. She tweeted on 31st August 2016.

Eva Gutowski’s Net Worth

Eva earns an impressive amount of money through her videos and also makes extra income through her acting and modeling career. The more viewers watch her videos, the more she earns. Also, she has owns a website named My Life as Eva where you can see her pictures and lifestyle.

Besides, she makes more money through her merch which sells t-shirts, shoes, hoodies, sweatshirt, and other accessories.

Social Profile

If you want to know about her, you can follow her on social media under the username as mylifeaseva like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

She has amassed over 5.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 5.16 million on Twitter.

Height, Weight And Body Measurement

Eva is young, beautiful, vibrant and model figure body shape. She has a height of 5 feet 6 (1.69 m) and a half inches and weighs 57 kg (126 lb).

Her bust, waist and hip size are 33-24-24 and wears 32A bra size. Eva is of slim build dark brown eyes, and hair color is brown.

Rumors And Controversy

Gutowski does not have any rumors till date, but she suffered a controversy when her fan started cyberbullying her ex, Alex Hayes.