J.Cole's Bio, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Etc

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J.Cole's Bio, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Etc

Jermaine Lamarr Cole aka J. Cole is an American rapper, hip hop recording artist and record producer who hit commercial markets in 2007 after his debut mixtapes "The Come Up." Since 2007, Cole has been active in the industry and released four studio albums, a live album, and many mixtapes.

J. Cole is popularly known as "Therapist" and "Blaza," J. Cole's "Forest Hills Drive" (released in 2014) became his first major project after being nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. He did various stints in Fayetteville before finding fame and fortune, where he was once a file clerk, a bill collector, a skating rink mascot, and a working ad seller for a print.

J Cole J Cole J.Cole is known to the world as an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and singer. J.Cole, known initially as Jermaine Lamarr Cole, born on a military base located in Germany on January 28, 1985. Cole received all recognition in 2007 after releasing his debut mixtape The Come Up.

Then continued his career further as a solo artist by releasing two other mixtapes Friday Night Lights, and The Warm Up in 2009 by signing Jay-Z's Roc Nation.


First, the occupation of the record producer began when he and his cousin started to study the essential nuances and tricks of music production on their own.

Then they worked together to create and develop lyrics. After getting a drum machine from his mother, Cole started refining his music production skills. He began to send his mixtapes to some of the business ' best-known names like Jay Z and Eminem, but at the age of 16, he didn't make any use of them.

Besides, J. His first mixtape 'The Come Up' had already been recorded in the hope of being a success, but was somewhat disappointed. He used to stand for hours outside the office of Jay-Z. He understands that after finally receiving a call from the man himself, his time had come.

Cole couldn't initially impress Jay Z, but his passion made Jay z allow him to appear for his album 'The Blueprint 3' in one of the songs. Cole then began working with several artists and recorded his second mixtape in June 2009.

He also appeared on a 2010 college tour with Wiz Khalifa at various times. The music albums he recorded were 'Friday Night Lights' (2010), 'Born Sinner' (2013), '2014 Forest Hills Drive' and '4 your eyes only' (2016).


J.Cole father was an African-American soldier.

His father left his mother who was a German postal worker when he was just a baby. J.Cole mom moved with his elder brother, Zach and him to Fayetteville, North Carolina and stayed in the trailer parks as they financially struggled.

Sooner his mother eventually married again. His stepfather was also an Army man, and they lived in a beautiful home. But once again, everything around them started shaking. J.Cole's mother marriage once again was crumbled, the family lost their home while J.Cole almost finished his degree.

Out of frustration, J.Cole's stepfather became abusive especially to his elder brother, Zach. For the second time, his mother's marriage was finished, she became addicted to cracks by her new boyfriend.

Education History

On talking about his education, he migrated to New Tork city and attended St.

John’s University taking computer science as an essential subject after passing out the high school with a 4.2 GPA. Moreover, In 2007, he passed out from magna cum laude with a 3.8 GPA. Cole officially received his degree during a homecoming concert in 2015 despite his graduation.

Running his Label (Non-Profit) And His Good Deeds

J. Cole has established his label named Dreamville Records running with a former classmate "Ibrahim Hamad" from St. John's University. Dreamville Records is established in Fayetteville, NC, also his hometown which provides opportunities to the local youths such as reading club, organizing essay contests.

The records have released music of upcoming artists like Cozz, Bas, and Omen. Apart from that, he has turned his childhood home into temporary rent-free accommodation for single mothers and named it Forest Hills Drive album in 2014.

In Spring 2016, J.Cole was invited to White House to meet Barack Obama.

Wife & Kids

J. Cole is not only a hardworking and beautiful music personality but also Melissa Heholt's amazing husband and a daughter's caring father.

He secretly married Heholt in 2015. Cole admitted he is living with his better half for the first time in January 2016. The lovebirds met in high school and have been together for nearly a decade, according to some sources. Eventually, J.

Cole announced the arrival of his daughter in his songs- "She's mine, Pt.1," and "She's Mine, Pt.2." The name of the rapper's daughter, who arrived in December 2016, is not yet known, as J.Cole has not mentioned it and it looks like he is not ready to do soon.

Awards And Achievements

When talking about J.Cole's awards and accomplishments, the singer was nominated for the Grammy awards for his song ' Apparently ' in the Best Rap Performance segment. The album was chosen for the award of the Best Rap Album.

Body Measurement

J. has 47 In Or 109 Cm Chest, 14 In Or 35.5 Cm Biceps and 33 In Or 84 Cm Waist, when talking about his body measurement. Cole has dark brown hair color and dark brown eye color. He is 189 cm tall and has a 201Lbs body mass.