Danielle Cohn Bio: Boyfriend, Instagram, Merch, Net Worth & Age

There is no age barrier for success, and Danielle Cohn proves this statement. The winner of Miss Florida Junior Pre-Teen in 2014, she...

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Danielle Cohn Bio: Boyfriend, Instagram, Merch, Net Worth & Age

There is no age barrier for success, and Danielle Cohn proves this statement. The winner of Miss Florida Junior Pre-Teen in 2014, she is better known as the Musical.ly star and Instagram sensation. But the young star has been battling allegations relating to her age and conspiracy theory suggesting her wrongdoing.

She has time again confirmed her age, however, with all the evidence against her, the claims for her deceiving people continues to grow. Danielle Cohn 18 year-old in 2022, the young celebrity was born on the 7th day of March 2004 in Florida.

From an early age, she had a passion for music and making music and it was encouraged by her parents. She got enrolled in a music class to make good her passion. Danielle took it upon herself to practice what she is being taught in her music classes as it was not a thing of play to her either.

Her dedication to her music studies came with quick mastery of what she was taught as she gained expertise in music ahead of most of her peers. Soon enough she started making her own music and uploading the videos on social media which was loved by her team of growing fans then.

Her music was shared by her fans and she gained more recognition as a talented and upcoming musician.

Controversy About Danielle's Age; Is She Lying?

Danielle was reportedly born in the year 2004 and celebrates her birthday on 7 March every year.

Her official birthdate suggests that she currently ages 14. But there are conspiracy theories, which hint that she has baffled her age. Some fans believe that she entered the Miss Florida Junior Pre-Teen by deceiving people about her age.

However, Danielle Comb has confirmed that she is now 14 years old and has denied the claims that she entered the competition, Miss Florida Junior Pre-Teen lying about her age. She tweeted,


Danielle came to limelight by uploading music clips on the social application, Tik Tok.

Her Tik Tok account has over 5 million fans following. She won the coveted title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen in 2015. After that, she began signing contracts some of the leading brands selected as the teenagers in the US.

After gaining massive followers on Tik Tok, she started her social media like YouTube and Twitter. She created YouTube channel “Dani Cohn” in May 2010. Some of her most popular videos are How to beat your face like a pro, How I Got Asked Out!, Best friend tag, and Going Through My Old Memory Box.

Cohn’s video titled ‘Danielle Cohn-Marilyn Monroe’ which amassed over 9.9 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY1rVUZVzJ0 Danielle also features in a music video titled ‘What’s it about you’ along with her best friend, Greg Marks in 2017.

She also appeared on a cover song “Treat You Better” with a YouTuber Case Walker which has over 1 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agl_3XUoL2I Danielle released her first official song “Hate On The Summer” in August 2017 and had garnered over 1.6 million views.

Then she released her second music video ‘Fix Your Heart.’ In March 2018, she debuted her single “Little Like Paradise”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m1kHHv-Xsg

Danielle Cohn Dating Mikey Tua

Danielle Cohn is currently dating the social media personality Mikey Tua.

They began dating in early 2018. Her boyfriend also features in her videos. Danielle and Mikey kissed on Instagram live on 28 August 2018. They both have shared their cute pictures on each other social media. https://youtu.be/eV5RZk_ANXM?t=892 Before Mikey, Danielle was dating a Tik Tok star Owen Bodner.

The dated each other for quite a long time and broke up in 2018. Danielle has also dated the fellow YouTuber Cole Galotti in 2017.

What Is The Net Worth Of Danielle Cohn?

The Young star, Danielle Sohn earns the right amount of worth through her videos.

She makes extra money through her more and another venture. After winning the Mis Florida crown, Cohn competes for a national modeling competition in California and also signed two years of a modeling contract with BMG. She has worked with some major brands such as Juicy Couture Clothing and Lisa B Jewelry.

According to Social Blade, she makes monthly around $2k-$32.2k and yearly she received $24.2k -$389.5k. Danielle also has her online store called Danielle Cohn Store where she sells apparel and various accessories such as tees, sweatshirts, phone cases, and t-shirts.

Apart from that, Danielle volunteers fro serving children at hospitals around the country. In addition, she gave teddy bears for children at Miracle Hospital.

Age, Height, And Weight

Danielle is 18 years old. She has DIY blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Cohn has a height of 4 feet 11 inches and 42 kg. Also, her body measurement is 32-23-32, and she wears four size shoes.

Social Profile

Danielle is active all over the social media platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

However, she has amassed over 2.8 million fans followers on Instagram and 38.1k followers on Twitter.