Crazy Frog Returns in Netflix's 'Axel F' Promo After 20 Years

Animated icon joins Eddie Murphy in Netflix's latest promo

by Zain ul Abedin
Crazy Frog Returns in Netflix's 'Axel F' Promo After 20 Years
© Crazy Frog/Youtube

Crazy Frog, the animated character that once ruled ringtone charts with its rendition of the iconic "Axel F" theme, has made a sensational return. Though it's been nearly two decades since its chart-topping success, Crazy Frog is appearing in a new promotional clip for Netflix's film Beverly Hills Cop-Axel F.

This collaboration combines the classic sounds of the 80s with modern streaming culture. In 2005, Crazy Frog took over the number one spot in countries as diverse as the UK, Australia, and France with a spirited dance version of "Axel F".

The melody, originally Michel's "Beverly Hills Cop," was rearranged by Crazy Frog - bringing an electronic, quirky edge that caught on and engulfed a worldwide audience. In the track, bizarre vocals were created by Erik Wernquuist and marketed by ringtone provider Jamba!

Crazy Frog's Wild Return

Netflix released their action-packed preview on Friday and included Crazy Frog in an assortment of events Eddie Murphy's character, Axel Foley. The interaction between these two characters, Digital Frog versus Foley, is an unexpected breath of freshness and chaos - adding an extra plot layer to the film.

The official Netflix X (formerly Twitter) account Referred to the joint production with a post that said, "CRAZY FROG &AXEL FOLEY???" They were bombarded with cries of joy from fans and brands such as Company T-Mobil,e which called Crazy Frog "The GOAT of ringtones.

Netflix replied, "Invented ringtones." The film, directed by Mark Molloy, sees the return of Murphy as Foley. He comes to Beverly Hills to aid his daughter Jane (played by Taylour Paige) and long-standing friend Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold).

It further features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kevin Bacon. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Molloy pointed out the role that music which appeared in the original Beverly Hills Cop series and provided its edgy feel played for him, saying: "For me, the music of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise has so much of the identity and the tone of the films.

It’s so critical. We’ve got the score and all of those needle drops in Axel F, which is all a huge part." Interestingly, this new promo is not only a creative rebirth for Crazy Frog itself, but through it, the film has become an actionable historical era as well.

As described on the Crazy Frog YouTube page: "Axel F and @crazyfrog have been an iconic duo since 2005. Crazy Frog is back with a new music video for the Netflix Film Beverly Hills Cop." This Better Than idea not only perpetuates the music of the "Beverly Hills Cop" series but serves to turn Crazy Frog access back into the heart of popular music in general. Some tunes, as there are heroes, never die.