Zach Bryan Plans New Album with Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer

Exploring deep musical bonds in Zach Bryan's latest work

by Zain ul Abedin
Zach Bryan Plans New Album with Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer
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There is no better way to usher in the redefining of the musical scene than with Zach Bryan’s upcoming album, "The Great American Bar Scene," to drop on July 4. The album not only presented the development of Bryan’s artistic direction but also presented the collaborations with Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer and contains a recognizable fragment from Bryan Adams.

On July 2, in an Instagram story, Bryan, the singer of the hit song "Something in the Orange," uploaded a handwritten note on the show’s synergy. "I wrote and produced all of these with the help of some truly great friends," he said.

"I finally felt like I's making music again,".

The album’s highlight is a song titled "The Way Back," which belongs to the same musical genre as Adams’ song "Heaven," co-written with Jim Vallance; the latter’s lyrics are further developed in this tune.

The third track on the release is titled "Bass Boat" and features vocal hooks by Adams, enhancing the tune’s old-school feel. Another special highlight of the album is Track 13, which Bryan, Mayer, Chris Braun, and Scott Zhang produced.

This track is believed to be the earlier teased song titled "Better Days," and for which Bryan and Mayer sang together in Los Angeles in June. This sent watchers aroused by Bryan’s enthralling voice accompanied by a melodious Mayer’s guitar solo that formed the last scene of the performance.

Mayer Praises Bryan

John Mayer, on his radio show, "Life with John Mayer" on Sirius XM, said only this about Bryan’s performance. "He’s cracked some code that I have been waiting for someone to crack," Mayer said in a way that suggested Bryan is particularly in tune with what satisfies audiences.

Adding to the overall experience of the album, which boasts the singer’s cooperation with other music artists, Bryan and Springsteen performed the live song "Sandpaper" which has never been officially released. Still, one felt that this track, as well as their live collaboration at Madison Square Garden with the participation of Maggie Rogers in the song “Revival,” could also demonstrate cohesion between the artists.

His musical preferences are also reflected in his personal life, as seen by his and his girlfriend Brianna "Chickenfry" Lapaglia’s Obsession with Springsteen on social media. These three movements are beyond an album titled "The Great American Bar Scene," it is an era, a cross-section of two generations of fans and musicians.

When it debuts, expectations are high, and people can expect soulful storytelling, and this alliance guaranteed to set standards in the music industry.

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