Rick Ross Sparks Brawl at Concert with Kendrick's Drake Diss Track

Ross highlights positive experiences despite concert conflict.

by Nouman Rasool
Rick Ross Sparks Brawl at Concert with Kendrick's Drake Diss Track
© Jason Davis/Getty Images

And Rick Ross stirred the pot at his Ignite Festival event in Vancouver, reigniting a long-standing beef with Toronto rapper Drake. The 48-year-old "Hustlin'" artist wrapped his performance on June 30 with airing Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss track, "Not Like Us.

" The track, a Billboard Hot 100-charting single is essentially Lamar declaring victory in their lyrical feud. The entire atmosphere of the festival changed when Ross cued up this controversial track in Drake's stomping grounds, Canada.

Anything that does not match with the expectation of a section of people, obviously could lead to objections. In a series of dramatic scenes, Ross and his associates were approached by numerous festivalgoers. Things got rowdy, and at one point Ross was hit in the face...

including with a closed fist. Video footage of the altercation, which was caught from several perspectives as an example on instagram then common significantly underscored a tense minute.

Ross Praises Vancouver

Despite the incident, Ross only had good things to say about his Vancouver experience.

He told TMZ, "I love Boston and I will be back," adding that neither he nor his team sustained significant injuries. He also gave a sneak peek of his exit on Instagram by posing in front of his private jet wearing Dolce & Gabbana tracksuit, suggesting there may be more trips to come as he added the caption "Vancouver it was fun until next time ?." The friendship between Ross and Drake has been tumultuous, as the duo have traded shots on social media and in diss tracks.

In one case from earlier this year, Drizzy was accused of alleging Rozay's number ones were due to his star power on a leaked cut "Push Up" just admitted Ross wasn't in the game when Drake caught fire. Ross responded with "Champagne Moments" reinforcing Drake allegations of ghostwriting and talking his shit too.

Their public tit-for-tat raged on, with Ross calling Drake out via X for not outright confronting him. According to Billboard, Drake answered in his typical fashion by posting a joking text conversation between him and his mother regarding the beef.

A week later, Drake's "Family Matters" only stoked the fire with some lyrics about Ross apparently being jealous of Ozempic on May 3.