Rick Ross Confronts Violence Post-Vancouver Performance

Dramatic brawl breaks out after Rick Ross's concert

by Zain ul Abedin
Rick Ross Confronts Violence Post-Vancouver Performance
© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Rap rapper Rick Ross was involved in a very dangerous incident in Vancouver after his show, where things turned physical and very violent very soon. This happened in the early morning of Monday after Ross’s performance episode at Ignite Music Festival; the event elicited heated reactions both physically and socially.

The conflict began around 10:30 PM as Rick Ross left the stage, he got into a relatively very crowded area behind the scene. There was controversy as to why Kendrick Lamar’s “Not like us” was used as the closing song for the show since it was not well received by some of the fans.

For a while, there was increasing tension among the people, and exchanging harsh words with Ross in front of a group of around fifteen men.

Confrontation Escalates Rapidly

Several people claimed that the group closed ranks, thus penning in Rick Ross and his followers.

A verbal confrontation between the two was caught on camera by TMZ; the confrontation soon descended into violence. It took the dynamic when one of the men punched Rick Ross on the head and his drink flew up high. This answers the question since, from the video it was not clear if Rick Ross was directly hit on the face.

This turned to worst in a very short span of time as both parties fought wildly, slashing each other. Some people were observed to be beating a man with kicks and punches; however, it was not clear whether Rick Ross engaged in these altercations.

The authorities have not disclosed information concerning what led to the confrontation or the seriousness of the injuries. Currently, there are no reports of arrest having been made concerning the said issue. Attempts to contact the police for more information have been made.

Thus, the entertainment community has expressed its sorrow and concern in several ways. Renowned rap artist Drake, who is popularly known on Instagram as 'champagnepapi,' also recognized the scenario by 'liking' a post related to the brawl on X.