Will Smith Drops Inspiring New Track 'You Can Make It'

Will Smith unveils powerful new anthem of resilience

by Zain ul Abedin
Will Smith Drops Inspiring New Track 'You Can Make It'
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After a long ten-year absence from music, Will Smith has returned in style in his musical single, You Can Make It, released on Friday, the 28th of June. The track marks his first major music project after 2017 and has been lined up to be performed live at the BET Awards 2024 show that will be held on Sunday, June 30.

Affectionately nicknamed "The Prince of R&B," Smith has been rather silent on the music front, especially in the solo front, since dropping his 2017 Electronic Dance Music song Get Lit, a whole decade after his last studio album Lost and Found was released in 2005.

This new single consists of a joyful mix of rap and encouraging lyrics supported with the Sunday Service choir and helped by Fridayy. In this song,"You Can Make It," Smith describes key issues like hard work and determination.

The lyrics he writes can be seen as his own struggle and comments on his own controversies like the 2022 Oscars slap. Lines like "Believe me, they tried to bleed Will Smith / In the rear view I see adversity was the gift" imply his struggles in life and the lessons that he was able to learn from these struggles.

Triumph Over Adversity

The song's message is clear: this must mean that no problem can overpower a person, regardless of how difficult the situation might be. Smith sums up this through these soothing lyrics, "Out of the madness out of the maze / Out of the saddest into the rays / the darkest of nights turns into day / And every storm runs out of rain," urging the audience to look for the silver lining even in the thickest of storm.

Smith is also coming back to music now that the actor has remained relevant in Hollywood; this is evident from the latest part of "Bad Boys" where he is accompanied by Martin Lawrence. Extra finally got the chance to talk to Smith regarding his new music venture, and according to him, he has been working on new songs for the past one and a half years now, saying that this is by far the most lyrical and strong music ever to come out and is expected to hit the market in few months.

Executive VP of Specials, Music Programming & Music Strategy at BET, Connie Orlando, welcomed Smith back to the award show stating that he was BET royalty and the network had huge plans to entertain in celebration of the culture.

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