Willie Nelson Shares Health Status Following Concert Cancellations

Outlaw Music Festival Begins Amid Willie Nelson's Health Concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Willie Nelson Shares Health Status Following Concert Cancellations
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

It saddens the heart when 91-year-old country legend Willie Nelson had to reschedule the first six performances of the Outlaw Music Festival Tour due to his health. Originally scheduled to open the tour on June 21, Nelson was forced to walk off the stage due to an arm injury before even beginning his set, as his doctor advised him to avoid straining his arm.

Ticketholders were immediately informed by Nelson through a statement on social media saying, “We regret to inform you that Willie Nelson is not feeling well and, as per doctor’s orders, he has been advised to rest for the next four days.

” Even though fans were displeased by the development, the statement that followed was one of a positive note, explaining that Nelson’s condition was not serious and that he was expected back on stage starting June 26.

Lukas Nelson's Tribute Set

But in a very kind and generous way for the audience, Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas Nelson, and his band Promise of the Real performed a special set in Willie’s memory. With Nelson's classics like “On the Road Again” and “Always on My Mind”, Lukas Nelson performed, singing with the attitude of his father and receiving warm applause from the audience.

On the same note, other singers such as Bob Dylan and Celisse continued to perform as planned and still had the festival fiery. The rumours regarding Nelson’s health started gaining momentum on social media, but his representative tried to calm the audience down saying, “Willie will be alright.

I reside in California and am planning to attend the performances on the East Coast early next week. ” Although the exact schedule has not been announced yet, Nelson is expected to return to the grand tour in Virginia Beach on June 26, which will definitely be a relief for the fans.

After going for more than 60 years on the road, Nelson has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to the fans and his ability to deal with the challenges that come with it. As the defiant singer prepares to get back on his feet, the burning flame of motivation that he carries on his chest continues to inspire other artists as well as enthusiasts.

They have been waiting for him to grace the stage of theatres across the country to sing out numbers that are now synonymous with a legend who is still alive.