Sean Diddy's Instagram Cleanup: No Take-Back on Cassie Apology

Diddy Clears Instagram Amid Ongoing Legal Battles and Public Scrutiny.

by Nouman Rasool
Sean Diddy's Instagram Cleanup: No Take-Back on Cassie Apology
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

This past week, Puff Daddy decided to undertake a massive purge, which left his Instagram account virtually barren as it got rid of virtually almost everything. All posts disappeared from his account, including what used to be a rather emotional clip in which Diddy had taken to the internet to tender an apology over an unpleasant scene with his then-girlfriend, Cassie.

There was an outcry of speculation in social media as to whether the deletion was a sign of something significant, more probably a bad word. However sources knowledgeable of the situation can exclusively reveal that this was done out of a personal interest to return the company to its blank slate.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has had to start afresh to cleanse his Instagram, a strategy that he is said to have used several times earlier, but this time round, under so much pressure. The timing was off this time, with the recent legal and PR hassles that made his gesture of offering a rather grand affair.

Apology's Unchanged Essence

Sometimes, people may change their minds and decide to delete the posts. For Diddy, this particular post, including the given apology, does not signify that he wants to take the words back or that he is minimizing the wrongful things he did.

His associates maintain that the apology video went viral with the clips trending and its effects being irreversible. The essence of apology remains unchanged where the error was made. Although the words ‘I am sorry. ’ have been deleted, Diddy stands by sentiments of the apology as present during the making of it.

Further, this reset was portrayed as being spontaneous and random, with no prior planning or thinking, even by Puffy or the team. It is a freedom decision based on the times he holds in front in front of screens and social media, and it is not a strategic decision to manipulate the public or legal systems.

Amidst the blackmail from federal investigations and multiple lawsuits rife with severe allegations that Diddy has categorically refuted, everything he does is examined. However, when using insider information, it is worthwhile to remain calm and see this as a normal practice in relation to personal profiles’ cleaning rather than having an aggressive agenda or an attempt to influence public opinion.

As the dust settles on this episode, the message remains clear: Contrary to this theory, the decision to cleanse Instagram is not smoldering, not a P.R. move, and business like a Diddy’s best mundane, daily decision.

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