Ex-Drug Lord Sues 50 Cent, Threatens Life in $1 Billion Lawsuit

Rapper faces serious allegations in escalating legal battle.

by Nouman Rasool
Ex-Drug Lord Sues 50 Cent, Threatens Life in $1 Billion Lawsuit
© Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for STARZ

In a startling turn of events, former drug kingpin Cory "Ghost" Holland Sr. has not only filed a $1 billion lawsuit against rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson but has also issued a chilling threat to his life. The lawsuit, which also names television producer Courtney Kemp, the Starz network, and Lionsgate, alleges that the popular TV series "Power" unlawfully borrows from Holland's life story without his consent.

Filed in 2021, the legal battle has since taken a darker tone. Holland accuses Jackson of employing intimidatory tactics against him and his family, claiming that Jackson has deployed individuals to harass them. An incendiary statement from Holland, directed at Jackson's legal team and obtained by AllHipHop, underscores the escalating tension: “If a moth----ker gets killed because your moth-----king client threatened me and my family, file a moth-----king motion for that.

I ain't playing with your moth-----king client no more, next time he or anyone he sends pull up, f--k the litigation."

50 Cent's Dark Games

Holland's statement further criticizes Jackson's behavior, portraying the rapper as a manipulator who revels in the discomfort of others.

"50 Cent plays games with people's lives, he humiliates people, he comes to their homes, then plays a victim. He's constantly in somebody's mess," Holland added. He starkly warned Jackson, emphasizing, "He ain't no entertainer." This lawsuit sheds light on a grim aspect of celebrity culture where personal histories are often commodified for entertainment without due regard to the real-life individuals involved.

As legal proceedings continue, the case not only questions the ethical boundaries of creative liberties taken by artists and producers but also highlights the potential real-world consequences of such disputes. As both legal and personal battles unfold, the entertainment industry watches closely, aware that the outcome could set a significant precedent regarding the rights of individuals whose life stories might be portrayed on screen.