Bradley Cooper Joins Pearl Jam for 'Maybe It's Time' Performance at BottleRock

Exploring the deep mentorship in Cooper's cinematic journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Bradley Cooper Joins Pearl Jam for 'Maybe It's Time' Performance at BottleRock
© Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Among the performers at Napa Valley's recent BottleRock festival was a surprise guest of headliners Pearl Jam: actor Bradley Cooper, performing with the group to sing "Maybe It's Time," one of the tracks from that movie's heart-wrenching soundtrack — of course making him synonymous with one of its songs — from "A Star Is Born.".

Beside her stood Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder on acoustic guitar. The latter is paired with even more significance in the fact that Vedder was a single person who had played the composition by himself during a music festival at Tempe, Arizona last 2019.

Him joining on stage not only ushered in the return of the Cooper everyone loved to see but also brought the connectedness of showbiz talents into emphasis.

Vedder Shapes Cooper's Role

The bond between Cooper and Vedder goes back long before "A Star Is Born." In fact, in public, he has said that he used the Pearl Jam frontman as a guide to help him in his portrayal of the fictional rock star.

Before shooting began on the film—nominated for eight Oscars, including ones for Cooper and Gaga—Cooper picked Vedder's brain about, seemingly, everything having to do with life on the road as a rock star. Vedder was less thespian, but no less crucial, in offering a look into the aesthetic and internal mechanics of performing live-a veritable treasure trove of information for Cooper.

But he was one of the many who was skeptical of remaking the classic movie-indeed, that idea had him advising Cooper with a very direct "Bro, don't do that." The performance was not a one-off, but it happened to be the first of a memorable collaboration that night.

Cooper even found his way into the grand finale with Pearl Jam, who were playing a blistering version of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World."

This unique convergence of cinema and music at BottleRock was very much to the delight of fans, underlined by deep artistic connections that can bridge different creative worlds.

For attendees and fans watching from afar, it was a demonstration of how film and music combine to make a truly unforgettable live performance.

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