Matty Healy on Taylor Swift's 'Diss Track' from The 'Tortured Poets Department'

Taylor Swift's latest album sets new streaming records.

by Nouman Rasool
Matty Healy on Taylor Swift's 'Diss Track' from The 'Tortured Poets Department'
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Matty Healy has responded to Taylor Swift's latest track from her double album, The Tortured Poets Department, which seems to reference the 1975 frontman. The interaction occurred when Healy was approached by paparazzi in Los Angeles, where he was prompted to give his thoughts on the track purportedly about him.

Caught on camera by Entertainment Tonight, Healy was asked to "rate" the song. With a hint of surprise, he responded, "My diss track? Oh! I haven’t really listened to much of it, but I’m sure it’s good." His reaction indicates a laid-back take on being the muse for Swift's lyrics, which have a reputation for drawing heavily from her personal experiences.

Further adding to the narrative, Healy's aunt, Debbie Dedes, spoke to The Daily Mail, sharing her perspective on her nephew's influence on Swift's music. "She writes about all her relationships, doesn’t she? I don’t think it will come as a shock to him at all," Dedes commented.

She highlighted Healy's current happiness in his new relationship, suggesting that this might be his focus rather than the buzz around the song.

Deeply Personal Lyrics

In one of the tracks titled "Guilty as Sin," Swift references receiving a song by The Blue Nile, notably Healy’s favorite band, which adds another layer of personal touch to the lyrics.

This mention ties Healy more directly to Swift's narrative, showcasing the depth of personal anecdotes she integrates into her music. Swift's The Tortured Poets Department has quickly become a monumental success, shattering streaming records on Spotify.

The album achieved an unprecedented milestone by being the first to surpass one billion streams within just five days of its release. This is Swift's consistent record-breaking run. Her album Midnights set the all-time record for most streams in a week this last October.

Swift also claims the top three biggest days of album streams, with Midnights and 1989 (Taylor's Version) re-record making an impact. As Swift remains at the top of the charts with songs that contain complex stories, more and more public interest gets created in the personal dimensions of her music, especially in dealing with celebrities like Matty Healy.

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