Check Out Noelle Sucks' "Ugly Ugly" Music Video

On October 6, 2023, emerging singer-songwriter Noelle Sucks from Los Angeles unveiled the music video for her latest single, "Ugly Ugly."

by Nikiya Biggs
Check Out Noelle Sucks' "Ugly Ugly" Music Video
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On October 6, 2023, emerging singer-songwriter Noelle Sucks from Los Angeles unveiled the music video for her latest single, "Ugly Ugly." Directed by Noelle and her regular collaborator Matt Richardson, the video was shot at various picturesque locations across Los Angeles.

Through visual storytelling, the video portrays the theme of toxic relationships draining one's inner light. Noelle symbolically represents this dynamic by wearing suffocating plastic bags, depicting the feeling of being dragged down by negative influences.

The idea is so innovative! Reflecting on her own experiences of being surrounded by the wrong people, Noelle conveys the message of losing oneself in the process, symbolized by a bag draped over her own head. This personal narrative adds depth to the song, allowing listeners to connect with the artist's journey and potentially gain insights applicable to their own lives.

“This music video feels like a mini indie movie,” shares Noelle. “It’s my favorite one we’ve done so far, and a lot of my friends got to come out and meet each other and be part of it - that's always the best part about all of this.

It’s also the first time I had a full band performance in a music video… so I felt pretty freaking COOL”.

Embracing Self-Reflection In Noelle's "Ugly Ugly" Journey

"Ugly Ugly" marks Noelle's debut release under Graveboy Records, a venture in collaboration with Insomniac and Emo Nite.

Produced by long-time collaborator Joel Ferber, the track is a raw and candid expression of navigating through rough relationships. With anthemic synth beats and honest lyrics, Noelle confronts her past, embracing self-reflection as a means of personal growth.

Listen to "Ugly Ugly" HERE. Many individuals dwell on their past, longing to change what has already transpired. While healing from past experiences can be challenging, it's essential to acknowledge that the past cannot be rewritten.

Instead, the focus should be on moving forward, preventing history from repeating itself in the future.

Noelle Sucks was scheduled to perform live at Bardot during Emo Nite on October 6, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA.

This marked her debut performance at Emo Nite, captivating a sold-out audience of 1500 fans. To promote her release, Emo Nite organized various immersive experiences at the event, centered around the theme 'Ugly Ugly,' aimed at introducing Noelle and her work to their dedicated community of music enthusiasts.

About Noelle Sucks

Noelle Sucks withstands easy classification by blending elements of indie, shoegaze, pop, and rock to create an emotionally charged soundscape. Raised in a musically gifted family, Noelle found her artistic voice after a near-death experience at the age of 13 during a major surgery.

Growing up with deeply spiritual beliefs instilled by her parents, the absence of any divine visions during that critical moment challenged her long-held convictions and reshaped her outlook on life. Although the experience was traumatic, Noelle persevered and continues to thrive in life.

Following her surgery in her teens, which forced her to take a break from school, she discovered her creative talents by developing music videos for existing songs and exploring her passion for editing homemade videos. This newfound interest led her to pursue studies in film, eventually reigniting her passion for music after a devastating breakup at the age of 23 inspired her to write her first song.

Describing her early work as a journey of "catching up", Noelle's dedication and hard work have undoubtedly paid off, showcasing her evolution as an artist. Noelle's Out of Orbit EP, released in 2022, delves into the depths of emotions stemming from a breakup within her friend group.

This was cultivated through connections made at Emo Nite, an event that has now come full circle with her signing to Emo Nite's newly established label, Graveboy Records. Her debut single, "Ugly Ugly," released on September 22, marks a turning point in a life marked by resilience, second chances, and self-discovery.

For someone so young, Noelle has certainly experienced a lot. Her determination not to let what she has experienced stunt her growth is an admirable quality.

Anne Hathaway's Experience With Ex-Boyfriend Raffaello Follieri

Speaking of Noelle's experience with toxic relationships brings to mind a past situation involving ‘Ella Enchanted’ actress, Anne Hathaway.

Her ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, got into trouble with the IRS for doing illegal things like fraud and money laundering back in June 2008. During that rough time, Hathaway had to find a new place to live because the apartment she shared with him was being searched by the authorities.

This is a scary reminder of how toxic relationships can be harmful. Sometimes, innocent people can get caught up in bad situations, even if they didn't do anything wrong.

About Graveboy Records

Graveboy Records emerged from legendary Emo Nite gatherings, representing the ever-changing essence of music.

While honoring its emo and pop punk origins, the label extends beyond genre boundaries, propelled by visionary artists. With a diverse roster featuring established acts like We The Kings and Say Anything, alongside up-and-coming talents like Noelle Sucks, Graveboy is committed to promoting individual releases while nurturing artist careers for the long term.

Operating within the expansive network of Insomniac Music Group and aligned with Emo Nite's global reach, each Graveboy release gains significant exposure. It offers a distinctive fusion of nostalgia, innovation, and community-driven enthusiasm.

Aside from being a record label, Graveboy Records represents a musical movement that gives emerging artists a chance to showcase their creative skills.

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