Travis Kelce Praises Taylor Swift's Music: 'She's Amazing'

Chiefs' Kelce dazzled by Swift's enduring stage presence.

by Nouman Rasool
Travis Kelce Praises Taylor Swift's Music: 'She's Amazing'
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In the vibrant world of music and sports, Travis Kelce, the illustrious three-time Super Bowl victor, has openly expressed his admiration for Taylor Swift's exceptional musical prowess. The Kansas City Chiefs' star revealed to ET's Nischelle Turner his profound respect for Swift’s eclectic taste in music, a discovery he attributes to their relationship.

Kelce, a self-proclaimed music aficionado, finds Swift's creative process and her approach to music both enlightening and exhilarating. Kelce shared insights into how Swift’s music has not only influenced his musical preferences but has also become a shared language among his friends.

A memorable incident on the golf course with Chandler Parsons, a former NBA player, underscored this influence when Parsons played Swift's "Bad Blood" in an attempt to distract Kelce. However, the move backfired as Kelce, unfazed, proceeded to deliver a perfect swing, later celebrating with the song in a playful manner.

Kelce Champions Swift

The NFL star's enthusiasm for Swift’s music extends beyond personal enjoyment to public endorsement, particularly of the Eras Tour. Kelce expressed awe at Swift’s ability to consistently deliver mesmerizing performances across multiple shows at London's Wembley Stadium, highlighting her unparalleled capacity to captivate large audiences.

Swift’s upcoming series of sold-out concerts at Wembley, as part of her extensive European tour, further attest to her global appeal and Kelce’s unwavering support. Beyond music, Kelce and Swift share a mutual dedication to their careers, balancing their demanding schedules with unwavering support for each other.

Kelce’s commitment was evident in his travels to catch the Eras Tour across various global locations, from Argentina to Singapore, showcasing the depth of their relationship. Their off-season adventures, including trips to the Bahamas and Los Angeles, reflect a couple deeply invested in each other's happiness and success.

Sources close to them highlight their ability to cherish moments together amidst their bustling lives, emphasizing their mutual support and optimism for the future. Kelce’s passion for music isn’t just a facet of his personal life; it influences his professional realm too.

He recently announced the upcoming Kelce Jam, featuring artists like Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Diplo, underscoring his engagement with the music industry. Additionally, his eclectic game day playlist, which includes a mix of childhood favorites and modern hits, showcases his diverse musical taste—a testament to the influence music holds over him, with Swift's tracks being a staple in his everyday life.

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