Jackson Siblings Unite: Prince, Paris, and Bigi's Rare Public Outing

Siblings unite to celebrate their father's enduring musical legacy.

by Nouman Rasool
Jackson Siblings Unite: Prince, Paris, and Bigi's Rare Public Outing
© John Phillips/Getty Images

The children paid a touching tribute to their dad alongside their aunts and uncles, thereby making headlines this week. The brothers walked the red carpet together at the London opening of "MJ: The Musical," a Tony-winning show that has been one of its biggest cultural draws in its depiction of the king of pop's life.

Premiering on Broadway in 2022, the show chronicles the journey through an extraordinary talent and collective energy wafting him into the annals of music history in an intimate musical. At 27, Prince Jackson was looking dapper in a black suit, worn with a wine-hued dress shirt, representing the somber but festive mood of the night.

25-year-old sister Paris Jackson came out in a burnt orange frock and matching shoes to go with it, completing the look with a glitzy clutch. The youngest, Bigi Jackson, 22, was in a traditional black suit with a white shirt, casually unbuttoned from the top, like his brothers, who paid the same subtle but deep tribute that is paid to his father.

Jackson Siblings Reunite

This gathering marked a rare occasion, as the Jackson siblings have seldom been seen together at public events. However, their unity was previous when they displayed themselves at the Broadway premiere of the musical and the following Tony Awards, with Paris and Prince Jackson presented in between the performances at the intermission of the awards for the cast, further cementing in full support of the lasting legacy of their father.

"MJ: The Musical" sends its audience to a Los Angeles rehearsal studio in 1992, where Michael Jackson is preparing for a planned "Dangerous" tour in Germany. It will give a glimpse of the artistic genius and his collaborative guiding lights through his life and estate that led him, and it is a piece of storytelling bound to fire up his fans and newcomers.

And now, in the thick of this poignant family reunion, a legal storm is brewing between the youngest, Bigi Jackson, and his granny, Katherine Jackson. According to court documents, Bigi opposed Katherine's application to spend some of the Michael Jackson estate money on his grandmother's legal pursuits against the executors of the estate.

Bigi argues that it serves neither the interest of the estate nor its heirs, in so doing, advocating for the allowance of "reasonable attorney fees" in the vein of Katherine's first, and not her second, legal foray. The legal contention comes with the estate negotiating a $600 million agreement with Sony Music for the recorded music catalog, along with publishing rights of the late icon.

After a judge signed off on the agreement in December, Katherine Jackson appealed, something Bigi deems to be a waste of time and money. What is more, the estate is highly active in the production of "Michael," an expected long-awaited biopic featuring Jaafar Jackson, Michael Jackson's nephew, and directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Thus, one can expect the release of the movie by April 18, 2025, which is going to be a monument for the pop star's cinematic heritage.