Usher Marks 20 Years of 'Confessions,' Grateful to Fans for Their Unwavering Support

Reflecting on 20 years of musical evolution, Usher shares.

by Zain ul Abedin
Usher Marks 20 Years of 'Confessions,' Grateful to Fans for Their Unwavering Support
© Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

In a heartfelt reflection with PEOPLE magazine, Usher revisited the depths of his groundbreaking album "Confessions," which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The celebrated R&B artist, now 45, expressed immense gratitude towards his fans for their unwavering support over two decades since the album's release.

On the anniversary day, Usher took to social media to share a compilation of music videos from the album, highlighting its monumental success. "20 years ago today, we dropped the iconic ‘Confessions’ album, now certified 14x Platinum, making it the highest RIAA-certified album by a male solo artist in this century," he penned with heartfelt thanks.

This acknowledgment comes on the heels of Usher's spectacular headline performance at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show in February, underscoring a year of notable milestones for the artist.

Usher's Grateful Journey

Usher's post was not just a celebration but also a homage to the fans and collaborators who have been instrumental in his journey.

"Thank you for rocking with me through every lyric, beat, and confession," Usher expressed, acknowledging the collective effort that made "Confessions" a masterpiece and a pivotal moment in his career. Looking ahead, Usher is gearing up for his USHER: Past Present Future tour slated for August.

The tour promises an eclectic mix of his music over the past 30 years, including hits from his debut album, 1994’s "Usher," and the much-celebrated 2004's "Confessions." Delving deeper into the essence of "Confessions" in his February cover story for PEOPLE, Usher revealed the authenticity that fuels the album.

Inspired by a conversation with publicist Chris Chambers, he decided to embrace vulnerability in his music. "There is a great deal of truth in that album," Usher shared, emphasizing the personal revelations and societal pressures that shaped his narrative.

This decision to be candid was a significant one, considering his initial hesitance to expose his personal life, a sentiment he attributed to the broader challenges of vulnerability among Black men. Usher's ongoing dialogue with his audience, through his music and public engagements, continues to resonate, solidifying his legacy not just as a musician but as a storyteller unafraid to share his truth.