Katy Perry Won't Perform Song Post-Clarkson Cover

A clash of titans in the music industry unfolds.

by Nouman Rasool
Katy Perry Won't Perform Song Post-Clarkson Cover
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Kelly Clarkson's rendition of Katy Perry's hit song has sent ripples through the music industry, captivating audiences and even the original artist herself. Earlier this week, Katy Perry, the voice behind the anthem "Roar," found herself in awe of Kelly Clarkson's cover of her 2012 chart-topping single "Wide Awake" during a segment on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." This performance, part of the show's beloved "Kellyoke" segment, was shared on Instagram, leaving fans and Perry alike spellbound.

Perry, known for her dynamic presence and chart-busting hits, couldn't help but express her admiration and a playful surrender to Clarkson's talent. Responding to the Instagram post showcasing Clarkson's powerful performance, Perry remarked, "Ok dang I can never sing that again," highlighting the impact of Clarkson's interpretation.

Clarkson, an "American Idol" alum herself, has a history of giving new life to classics and contemporary hits with her unique vocal flair, making each cover a memorable experience for her audience.

2000s Fashion Revival

The timing of Clarkson's nostalgic dive into Perry's discography coincides with Perry's recent nod to the early 2000s fashion at Billboard’s Women in Music event.

Perry turned heads with her bold fashion choice, donning a striking crimson corset outfit by Ellie Misner, complete with an exposed thong and intricate body art that featured a butterfly motif. This fashion statement not only celebrated Perry's iconic style but also paid homage to the early 2000s aesthetic, further emphasized by Perry's Instagram post on March 7.

There, she shared images of her look, captioned with a lyric from Crazy Town's 1999 hit "Butterfly," saying, "You’re my butterfly, sugar, baby." This exchange between two titans of the music industry underscores the mutual respect and admiration that exists among artists.

Clarkson's ability to reinterpret "Wide Awake" in a manner that resonated deeply with Perry herself speaks volumes about her skill as a vocalist and performer. Meanwhile, Perry's recent public appearances and social media activity continue to cement her status as a fashion and pop culture icon, keeping the spirit of the 2000s alive and well in the 2020s.

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