Huey Lewis Lost Bob Dylan-Written Song Tape Before Recording

A musical mishap reveals a legendary song's mysterious fate.

by Zain ul Abedin
Huey Lewis Lost Bob Dylan-Written Song Tape Before Recording
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In an astonishing revelation that has left both fans and the music industry abuzz, Huey Lewis disclosed a regretful oversight that, in his own words, he'll likely never forget. During a candid conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night, Lewis, the iconic frontman of Huey Lewis and the News, opened up about a significant opportunity that slipped through his fingers: a song personally penned for him by the legendary Bob Dylan.

The discussion took place against the backdrop of Lewis promoting "The Heart of Rock and Roll," a Broadway musical inspired by his band's hits. Amidst reminiscing about his storied career and memorable moments, including his participation in the historic "We Are the World" recording alongside giants like Dylan, Lewis shared a startling anecdote.

According to Lewis, Dylan, in a gesture of admiration for Lewis's last album, sent him a cassette tape containing a song he had written specifically for Huey Lewis and the News. Accompanying the tape was a heartfelt note from Dylan expressing his appreciation.

However, in an almost unfathomable turn of events, Lewis admitted, "Not only did I not cut it, I don't actually know where the cassette is."

Lost Dylan-Lewis Tape

The audience groaned in disbelief as Kimmel probed further, uncovering that the tape was lost among thousands of others in Lewis's vast collection.

Though Lewis suggested the possibility of finding it eventually, the moment underscores a poignant "what could have been" in music history. Kimmel humorously proposed that Lewis should endeavor to locate the cassette and include the song in his musical, adding a layer of intrigue to the show slated to premiere in New York City at the end of March.

Bob Dylan, a luminary in the realm of songwriting, has garnered accolades including 10 Grammy Awards and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 for his profound lyrical contributions to American music. His enduring impact on music and culture, paired with his distinctive poetic expression, makes the lost song not just a missed opportunity for Lewis but a lost artifact of musical history.

Reflecting on the incident, Lewis expressed regret over not recording the song and humorously noted, "Note to self: when Bob Dylan sends you a song, record it." This candid admission has sparked widespread conversation, leaving many to wonder about the potential collaboration that never came to fruition between two of music's most influential figures.