Ayesha Curry Responds to Drake's Mention in Lyric

Chart-topping achievements highlight Drake's latest musical endeavor.

by Zain ul Abedin
Ayesha Curry Responds to Drake's Mention in Lyric
© Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Netflix

In a revealing moment on "Watch What Happens Live," Ayesha Curry, celebrated cookbook author and spouse of Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry, opened up about her unexpected mention in Drake's 2021 hit album, "Certified Lover Boy." During her appearance, Curry expressed her astonishment and appreciation for being referenced in the track "Race My Mind," where Drake muses, "How I'm supposed to wife it?/ You not Ayesha enough." This nod towards her set the internet buzzing, highlighting her status as a paragon of partnership in the celebrity realm.

"I think I was dumbfounded," Ayesha confessed to host Andy Cohen, reflecting on her initial reaction to the lyrical shout-out. She elaborated on her feelings by acknowledging the respect encapsulated in Drake's lines, "That's our family, so I think I was appreciative that they respect me so much that they think I'm a great wife." This acknowledgment from one of music's biggest names underscores the widespread admiration for her role within her high-profile family.

Drake's Historic Success

Drake's "Certified Lover Boy" rocketed to the summit of the Billboard 200 albums chart upon its release, showcasing the artist's continued dominance in the music industry. Furthermore, the album's success was mirrored on the Billboard 100 songs chart, where Drake astonishingly placed 21 songs in the top 40 concurrently, with "Race My Mind" debuting at No.

18. This achievement marked a historic moment, being only the second instance in the 63-year history of the 100 where an artist achieved such a feat, both records held by Drake himself. His previous accomplishment came in 2018 with the release of "Scorpion," emphasizing his unshakeable presence in the music scene.

The spotlight on Ayesha Curry in "Race My Mind" not only amplified her influence as a role model for marital dedication but also demonstrated the cultural impact of Drake's lyrical narratives, bridging the worlds of sports, music, and personal integrity in a memorable verse.