Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Stunning 78-Hour Upper Body Tattoo

Exploring a New Chapter in Kelly's Artistic Evolution.

by Nouman Rasool
Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Stunning 78-Hour Upper Body Tattoo
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Celebrated American musician Machine Gun Kelly has recently revealed an awe-inspiring new tattoo that engulfs his upper body, a piece he attributes to his pursuit of spiritual awakening. The renowned artist, known for hits like "Bloody Valentine," shared this significant personal milestone with his fans on Instagram this Tuesday evening.

In a captivating display, Kelly, 33, presented a shirtless image that prominently featured the new artwork. This elaborate tattoo, which predominantly showcases a cross symbol across his chest, seamlessly integrates with and largely overshadows his previous body art.

It's not just a visual spectacle but a testament to his evolving artistic expression. In his Instagram post, Kelly explained the tattoo's deep spiritual significance to him. He expressed gratitude to the tattoo artist, Roxx, for her exceptional work, and intriguingly noted the use of "44 needles" in the process, as mentioned in his Instagram Story.

Journey to Transformation

Roxx, with three decades of experience, shared her insights with TMZ, describing Kelly's tattoo journey as a quest for harmony and transformation. She recalled how Kelly felt his existing tattoos no longer resonated with his current self, seeking something that represented a newfound order in his life.

According to Roxx, Kelly stands out as one of her most resilient clients. The tattoo, a product of intense collaboration, was crafted over several weeks. Beginning in mid-December, Kelly dedicated four days a week, engaging in thirteen six-hour sessions at Roxx's L.A.

studio. Roxx, celebrating this artistic achievement on Instagram, lauded Kelly's endurance, to which he wittily responded, acknowledging both the joy and pain involved in the process. This reveal comes just as Kelly is gearing up to release his latest single, "Don't Let Me Go," scheduled for Wednesday.

This follows his previous hit, "Pressure," which debuted last May. Adding to his artistic transformation, Kelly has recently updated his stage name to 'mgk' on YouTube and other streaming platforms, fueling speculation about a possible name change that had been rumored last year.

Machine Gun Kelly's bold new look not only signifies a personal evolution but also marks a fresh chapter in his artistic journey, resonating with his fans and the music community alike. As he continues to innovate and redefine his image, Kelly's influence in the music world remains as potent and dynamic as ever.

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