Usher's Eagerness to Sign Justin Bieber Explained

Usher's Dedication to Justin Bieber's Career Illuminated.

by Nouman Rasool
Usher's Eagerness to Sign Justin Bieber Explained
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In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Usher delved into the intricacies of securing Justin Bieber's talent for his record label, Raymond Braun Media Group, back in 2008, shedding light on the competitive landscape he navigated.

Reflecting on the time when Bieber first came into his orbit, Usher recounted, “When you are at the top of your game, some of the greatest opportunities come knocking, and it was, I think, right after [my album] Confessions that I was introduced to Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun”.

Detailing the fervor surrounding Bieber's potential signing, Usher disclosed, “We built a friendship, but this would obviously create a partnership that would span us forever, and it was a bit of a bidding war between me and Justin Timberlake”.

Usher's Dedication to Bieber

Asserting his commitment to the young talent, Usher emphasized, “I was like, I'm not certain that I could understand each and every producer that this artist could benefit from, but what I can tell you is I'm going to give you my passion, and I'm going to give you every bit of what I have to offer”.

Explaining his eagerness to secure Bieber's talents alongside Braun, Usher highlighted the unique appeal of having "one Justin" under his wing amidst the competition with Timberlake. “So, if you want to go with Justin, that’s Justin and Justin.

Me, it's only one Justin,” he emphasized. Moreover, Usher underscored the supportive role he played in Bieber's journey, noting, “So that obviously created a relationship and [there was] that support of him as an entrepreneur because I think that he was trying to find himself as well”.

Usher's revelations provide a glimpse into the fierce competition and strategic considerations that underpinned the pivotal moment when Bieber's career trajectory intersected with his own, ultimately shaping the landscape of contemporary music.

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