Usher Comments on Justin Bieber's Super Bowl Absence

Superstar Usher discusses recent Super Bowl halftime show plans.

by Nouman Rasool
Usher Comments on Justin Bieber's Super Bowl Absence
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During a recent interview on the "The Breakfast Club," the iconic Usher talked about the much-speculated situation regarding the Super Bowl halftime show, which did not feature Justin Bieber, for the first time. Throughout his attempts to reach Bieber for a possible collaboration, Usher noted that they somehow didn't meet at the right time to share the stage of this historical event.

Usher respected and understood the move that Bieber had done, as even he said, "It didn't work out with Justin. I honor and recognize that, my brother. I think that it might've been the fact that he's just wanting to tell a different story right now.

And I understand that." This just provided some information as to where Bieber is currently taking his artistry and the respect that these two artists share.

Future Collaboration Teased

Despite this, Usher revealed that they had a brief conversation about the opportunity.

Even though it couldn't work out for the Super Bowl, Usher hinted at more future collaborations: "We're gonna do something else in the future. No love lost or nothing like that. It's a lot of pressure for the Super Bowl, obviously." This statement keeps fans hopeful for a joint venture down the line.

Usher went on to speak his mind about what he'd expect from Bieber in the future, saying with all confidence that someday Bieber is going to be the one to stop the show at the halftime of the Super Bowl. "I say over his life.

He's had a career that deserves it. It didn't happen, but that doesn't mean it's not going to," Usher said, agreeing with Bieber's influential career. While rehearsing for his halftime show, Usher revealed that Bieber was not the only artist he thought of having in the spectacle.

He suggested that there were a lot of top artists he had to consider, whose names he would not want to reveal, in an attempt to stitch an amazing Super Bowl experience together. However, he clarified that Chris Brown was not among those he contacted.

After the show, Bieber took to social media to express his love and admiration for Usher: "LOVE YOU MY BROTHER. NOONE CAN SING AND DANCE THE WAY YOU DO. LOVE YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART. BROUGHT THE ‘A’ TO THE WORLD, ONLY YOU BABYYYYYY." This message very deeply underlines the relation and mutual respect of these two iconic artists.

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