Bing Worthington Jr., Snoop Dogg's Brother and Music Executive, Passes Away at 44

Bing Worthington Jr.'s Impact on Music and Business.

by Nouman Rasool
Bing Worthington Jr., Snoop Dogg's Brother and Music Executive, Passes Away at 44
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Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg has taken to Instagram to report the sad demise of his young brother, Bing Worthington. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department in California, whose jurisdiction includes the local medical examiner's office, the music executive was pronounced dead on Thursday at the age of 44.

Sgt. Frank Gonzalez, in a statement, said the cause of death would be unknown until the toxicology and autopsy reports came out. Bing Worthington's journey from a road crew member to a music industry power player is one of determination and skill.

In a 2016 Vice interview, reflecting on his career trajectory, he said, "I was just the road guy. I worked my way to the top." His contributions are not just through music but have diversified into different businesses under the name Snoop Dogg.

This has included dabbling in the food industry with a footlong hot-dog start-up called Snoop Doggs, and launching the Snoop Dogg Board Company, a skateboard deck manufacturer, in the mid-2000s.

Worthington's Record Label Venture

It is through his entrepreneurial nature that saw him merge a record label under Snoop with Quebec's Urban Heat Legends.

This corporation, guided by Worthington, together with the head of Urban Heat Legends, Miguel Lopez, realized Dogg Records. The collaboration is displayed on the label's website that features to bring musical talents from the West Coast to the North.

The loss of Worthington suddenly has left, the loss that has been faced, and that is to include Lopez, in a state of shock and disbelief. "I still can't believe it," Lopez said in an email. "Still processing." In 2003, Worthington contributed as an executive producer to the documentary titled "Bigg Snoop Dogg: Raw 'N Uncut Vol.

1." He also has a writing credit of the song "Tha Jump Off" in the 2006 film "Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj." In addition, Snoop Dogg posted a heartbreaking picture of his brother, captioning the image: "Bac wit momma. Many of his followers also came with condolence messages, among whom are actor and singer Tyrese Gibson, who said love and prayers, and singer Tamar Braxton, who gave her condolences at the loss of Snoop Dogg.

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