Selena Gomez's Go-To Taylor Swift Hit

Exploring Selena Gomez's favorite Taylor Swift masterpiece.

by Nouman Rasool
Selena Gomez's Go-To Taylor Swift Hit
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In a recent SiriusXM Hits 1 Guest DJ session on January 12, Selena Gomez, the acclaimed 31-year-old artist, expressed her deep admiration for Taylor Swift's musical prowess, singling out "Wildest Dreams" as a particularly outstanding piece in Swift's impressive catalog.

Gomez praised the single from Swift’s 2014 hit album, '1989', as "one of her best songs," lauding its comprehensive excellence from lyrics to melodies. Gomez's fondness for Swift's music was further highlighted during a Most Requested Live interview in September 2023.

She enthusiastically spoke about her inability to choose a favorite album, attributing it to Swift's creative versatility. Each album, according to Gomez, stands out with its unique thematic era, making it difficult to pinpoint just one as a favorite.

The friendship between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, now 34, traces back to 2008, originating from a double date with the Jonas brothers. Their bond has since evolved into a robust and supportive sisterhood. Swift, in a 2022 interview with WSJ.

Magazine, shared her unwavering support for Gomez, emphasizing a deep-seated sense of sisterhood between them. Gomez recently showed her support for Swift at the Los Angeles Eras Tour in March 2023, where she and her sister Gracie were spotted enjoying the concert, dressed in album-themed outfits.

Following the concert, Gomez took to Instagram to express her admiration and longstanding friendship with Swift.

Gomez's Diverse Musical Favorites

Swift reciprocated the affection by celebrating Gomez's new music release, "Single Soon," calling her the "bestest" and promising to dance to the track forever.

Beyond her admiration for Swift, Gomez also showcased her love for other artists like Doja Cat, Frank Sinatra, and notably Ariana Grande, during her DJ session. She shared her enthusiasm for Grande's empowering music, specifically mentioning Grande's new song, "Yes, And?" This blend of personal insights and artist admiration showcases Gomez's deep connection to the music world, both as a fan and a fellow artist, cementing her status not only as a music icon but also as a genuine music enthusiast.

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