Jon Batiste's 'Worship' Performance on 'Colbert'

Exploring Batiste's Latest Musical and Cinematic Contributions.

by Nouman Rasool
Jon Batiste's 'Worship' Performance on 'Colbert'
© Erika Goldring/GettyImages

Renowned musician Jon Batiste recently graced the stage of "The Late Show" with a powerful performance of his Grammy-nominated song "Worship." Accompanied by a vibrant live band and an electrifying group of backup singers, Batiste's rendition breathed new life into the late-night atmosphere, showcasing his remarkable talent and charisma.

Featured on his latest album, "World Music Radio," released in August, "Worship" is a standout track that continues to capture the hearts of music enthusiasts. This album marks Batiste's seventh studio venture, following the resounding success of his 2021 album "We Are." Notably, "We Are" garnered critical acclaim, securing several Grammys, including the prestigious Album of the Year.

Batiste, a versatile and innovative artist, has once again found himself in the Grammy spotlight, with nominations in several major categories, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year for "Worship," and Song of the Year for "Butterfly."

Batiste's Enduring Ballad

Adding to his repertoire of soul-stirring music, Batiste recently unveiled "It Never Went Away," a breathtaking new ballad epitomizing the essence of enduring love.

This piece was composed for the documentary "American Symphony," a film that intimately chronicles a year in the life of Batiste and his partner, author-artist Suleika Jaouad. Directed by Matthew Heineman, the documentary poignantly captures the couple's journey through challenging times, including Jaouad's battle with lung cancer and Batiste's creative process in composing his first symphony.

"It Never Went Away," co-written with Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson, known for his collaborations with icons like Adele and Taylor Swift, is a testament to the resilience of love amid life's storms. The song is a heartwarming ode to a love that withstands the trials and tribulations of life.

The documentary "American Symphony" made its debut at the Telluride Film Festival and has been available on Netflix since November 29. Hailed by Rolling Stone's David Fear as the "music doc of the year," the film offers an intimate glimpse into the life and creative genius of Jon Batiste, revealing the depth and breadth of his artistic journey.