Barbie Album Booms: 372.7 Million Spotify Streams In Just Two Weeks!

Spotify users listened to the 19 songs from the extended edition of The Barbie Album over 372.7 million times just two weeks after the movie premiere.

by Nikiya Biggs
Barbie Album Booms: 372.7 Million Spotify Streams In Just Two Weeks!
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Spotify users listened to the 19 songs from the extended edition of The Barbie Album over 372.7 million times just two weeks after the movie premiere. "What Was I Made For," by Billie Eilish, accounted for nearly 78 million of these streams – the most of all the tracks on the official movie album.

Meanwhile, Aqua gained the most new listeners among all the artists featured on the album. Five tracks from the Barbie album featured on the Billboard H*t 100, including Ryan Gosling's "I'm Just Ken" - his first-ever song on the reputable chart.

This is according to the educational music platform Music Industry How To, which monitored the Spotify data for all Barbie-related music before and after the movie’s release on July 21st. Launched on the same day as the much-anticipated movie, the namesake album features 11 brand-new songs and eight previously released tracks.

The songs on The Barbie Album (The Best Weekend Ever Edition) totaled 372,670,157 streams on Spotify over the first two weeks since the movie’s release.

Billie Eilish's Chart-Topping Hit From The Barbie Album!

Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For" rocked the charts as the ultimate earworm from the Barbie album.

This catchy tune dropped just a week ahead of the movie's release, and it broke records in no time. In addition, it sprinted with an average of almost 2.5 million daily streams. Two weeks post-movie premiere, this song became a Spotify hit, adding 77,977,971 more streams to its playlist and accumulating a total of 98,916,643 streams.

Apparently, Barbie and Billie have teamed up to create the definitive streaming masterpiece.

Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' Resurgence

Nicki Minaj brought fun vibes to Aqua's timeless hit, "Barbie Girl," with a stellar performance featuring the original band and Ice Spice.

The track, part of The Barbie Album, became the ultimate streaming smash, racking up 10,308,180 listens in its debut weekend and 68,863,186 in the first two weeks alone. Since its Spotify debut on June 23rd, the catchy tune has amassed 123,711,205 streams as of August 4th.

Barbie World is not just a place for dolls – it's a thriving musical community!

Dua Lipa's Hit 'Dance The Night' Takes The Podium!

Dua Lipa got third place for the most streamed Barbie song. Her banger "Dance The Night" scored 65,994,444 streams in just two weeks.

That's 183,283,028 streams on Spotify since it dropped in late May. And with a jaw-dropping 73.9 million monthly listeners hooked to her tunes, Dua Lipa is holding tight to her crown as the ultimate top dog on The Barbie Album.

Aqua Claims Most Newbie Fans Post-Barbie Movie Premiere

According to Music Industry How To, it seems Aqua's fan base went from 13.5 million listeners to 34.7 million in just over a month, like a musical rocket taking off.

11.5 million folks hopped on the Aqua train between July 21st and August 4th, resulting in a flood of new listeners for the band. They're the rockstars of Spotify, claiming the title for the most newbie fans in the first fortnight after the global premiere of the Barbie movie.

The OG "Barbie Girl" tune by Aqua, which dropped in 1997, decided to make a comeback tour, scoring an extra 16.1 million streams on Spotify within a mere two weeks of Barbie's cinematic debut. As if to say, the song has been on a long hiatus before resurfacing and returning to be popular again like it was in the 90s.

Since the dawn of July, Spotify users have listened to the "Barbie Girl" track 26.5 million more times, reaching 400 million streams by the end of the month. That's a large percentage of the world collectively hitting the play button, proving once again that "Barbie Girl" is the timeless anthem we didn't know we needed.

More Ears Than A Drake Concert – The Streaming Sensation Unleashed

Surfing the wave of fame with 56.4 million fans in support, Billie Eilish dropped her Barbie-inspired track, and her monthly listener count skyrocketed to almost 10 million!

Since the debut of "What Was I Made For," an additional 7.6 million listeners joined the Eilish fan club on Spotify within the first two weeks of the song's release. The "lovely" singer proudly jammed with 66.3 million monthly listeners on the music streaming stage.

The number of ears tuned in is greater than that of a Drake concert!

Ryan Gosling Leaves Minaj, Lipa, And Lizzo In The Musical Dust

Ryan Gosling, cruising through his Spotify playlist featuring tunes from La La Land, had 1.4 million monthly listeners before the Barbie movie hit the screens, where he plays Ken.

With the movie's grand premiere, Gosling received 941,474 fresh ears over the opening weekend. In two weeks, that number zoomed to 7,168,973, leaving chart-toppers like Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo in the dust. Gosling, with his dual musical prowess, dropped two gems on The Barbie Album: the popular "I’m Just Ken" and "Push." Additionally, "I’m Just Ken" made its way into the Billboard H*t 100, making history for Gosling with a debut of 87 on the charts!

Believe it or not, Ryan began singing as a child, and the level of talent he possesses is beyond description!

Music Industry How To Breaks Down Barbie Hype

A spokesperson for Music Industry How To commented on the findings: “Big-ticket artists have contributed to promoting Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

In the lead-up to the movie’s box office release, we noticed the hype these artists created by gradually releasing Barbie-themed songs. We had another epic disco track from Dua Lipa in late May, an exciting remix of Aqua’s classic by Nicki Minaj in late June, and then a gorgeous ballad from Billie Eilish in mid-July.

It was a beautifully orchestrated campaign for the movie to get pop music aerophiles excited about Barbie”. Music Industry How To serves as a resource for musicians, songwriters, producers, and other members of the music industry.

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