Adele changed her opinion about mom after welcoming son


Adele changed her opinion about mom after welcoming son
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Adele is one of the most interesting personalities on the music scene. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she talked about parenting challenges, given that she has a son, Angelo (11). Adele talks a lot about these topics with her friends, especially about the things she has learned so far.

"I talk to my friends a lot about this because my friends are having kids now. The first thing I think that comes up when you have a kid is it brings up a lot of your own childhood for you," Adele said, as quoted by PEOPLE.

Her wish is for her child to have a different childhood than she had. Adele realized that her mother could not have done more, even though she had had a different opinion for years. "And no matter what your childhood was like — good or bad or whatever — you don’t want your child to have your childhood.

My mum was very young when she had me. She was on her own, and I realized all the things I thought she could have done better, that she couldn’t have."

Adele: I’m very lucky that I can afford to look after my child properly

The popular singer realized that she had to show more respect to her mother.

"It made me see how hard it must’ve been because we had no money. She didn’t have my dad and stuff like that, whereas I was with Angelo’s dad. I’m very lucky that I can afford to look after my child properly, and more than properly." Being a mother poses significant challenges for many individuals.

Nonetheless, for numerous people, it's regarded as one of life's most beautiful responsibilities. Adele addressed this aspect, acknowledging that navigating adulthood involves numerous demanding challenges. "Also, you realize how hard adulting is.

So on top of them being your mum, they’re also going through their own *. I struggle not to show my emotions to Angelo with other things I’m going through. And I think that’s OK. Sometimes, I wish I could hide it a bit less. But also, it’s not easy being an adult for anybody, in any situation."