Michael Jackson's 'Big Boy' Goes Digital: Vinyl Release Insights

Revolutionizing Music: Anotherblock Pioneers Digital Vinyl Release.

by Nouman Rasool
Michael Jackson's 'Big Boy' Goes Digital: Vinyl Release Insights
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In a groundbreaking fusion of past and present, Michael Jackson's inaugural track, "Big Boy," originally released by the legendary Jackson 5, is poised for a revolutionary re-release. This December 7th, 2023, marks the day the iconic song takes a leap into the future, with its global debut as a digital vinyl on the blockchain, courtesy of music industry titan Anotherblock.

"Big Boy," a track that first saw the light of day under Steeltown Records by the American family ensemble Jackson 5, is not just re-emerging; it's being reborn. Anotherblock, a trailblazing blockchain platform, is set to digitally publish this historic track, breathing new life into a classic.

The initiative is a result of a collaborative effort between Recordpool, the custodian of the recording, and Anotherblock, a Swedish blockchain-based music marketplace. This partnership is ushering in a new era for the track, which has been a gem in the crown of 60s music.

Anotherblock's Innovative Leap

Anotherblock isn't new to such innovative endeavors, having previously collaborated with industry heavyweights like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber. The company's CEO and co-founder, Michel Traore, in a conversation with Cointelegraph, expressed his enthusiasm about this unique release.

"Launching this track as a digital vinyl on-chain allows us to create a narrative and a community around the song, transforming it from a mere musical piece to a cultural artifact," he stated. Traore emphasized the significance of Michael Jackson's "Big Boy," noting its need for a distinctive platform that sets it apart in today's crowded music landscape.

He added, "This format not only brings the song into the spotlight but also lets us weave intricate stories around the music." Reflecting on the broader implications, Traore envisaged this release as a pivotal moment that could redefine digital ownership in the music industry.

The record features an eight-year-old Michael Jackson alongside his brothers, recorded at One-Derful in Chicago. This release is particularly special for Michael's mother, who sees it as a celebration of the Jacksons' enduring musical legacy in the digital age.

As December 7th approaches, the anticipation builds for this unique amalgamation of history and innovation, promising to bring a timeless classic into the hearts of a new generation.

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