Dua Lipa ends romance with French filmmaker after eight months


Dua Lipa ends romance with French filmmaker after eight months
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Dua Lipa and French filmmaker Romain Gavras broke up cause her music gig became more important than their eight-month relationship. The 28-year-old singer's all hyped up to finish her super-awaited third album, as spilled by The Sun.

Dua Lipa is a musician whose popularity is growing day by day. This great singer never ceases to amaze her audience. However, her job is such that she can sometimes have problems. That's exactly what happened. Their love rollercoaster, starting last February and ending in the fall, hit a bump when Lipa decided her music was a top priority.

The 42-year-old director, who used to date Rita Ora, thought Lipa was all work and no play, leading to their split. Lipa’s latest track "Houdini" might just be the breakup anthem, according to the Daily Mail. Before Gavras, Lipa was with Anwar Hadid for two years, but that flamed out 'cause of distance and Lipa's crazy schedule.

She’s been buddies with the Hadid sisters forever, but things only heated up with Anwar in 2019 after she split from British chef Isaac Carew.

Dua Lipa and her career

Dua Lipa has shown many times in her career so far how dedicated she is to her work.

Her love for music is stronger than anything in the world. When you are such an artist who wants to constantly create and delight your audience, this can create problems for you outside of work. Dua Lipa felt it on her skin.
“I love the main pop-girl energy,” she told bilboard.com!

It’s so fun for the fans and the character. I can be that girl; I can do that for the videos, for the red carpet, for the performances. For me, there’s a time and a place to do that. There are so many sides to me that I also love to embody”.

However, her ambitions will not change. Her wish is to do what she loves in the coming years, to give her audience love and create new hits.

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