Cher Resumes Memoir Work After Brief Pause

Cher's Diverse Artistic Pursuits Continue to Mesmerize Fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Cher Resumes Memoir Work After Brief Pause
© Bryan Steffy/GettyImages

Cher, the iconic singer known for her timeless hits, is embarking on a new creative journey that promises to captivate fans and provide an intimate glimpse into her extraordinary life. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 77-year-old music legend revealed that she is diligently working on her memoir.

However, this literary endeavor has not been without its challenges. With candor and humor, Cher confessed to Fallon, "I just totally chickened out. I didn't put in some things that needed to be put in. And they're not comfortable, but they need to be put in, so I have to go back and man up." While the title of her memoir remains a work in progress, Cher emphasized her commitment to delivering a comprehensive narrative, describing it as an "encyclopedia" of her life.

She playfully quipped about the reference material, saying, "Not that you guys know what that is."

Cher's Festive Musical Leap

In addition to her memoir, Cher recently ventured into the realm of holiday music with her first-ever Christmas album, titled "Christmas." This project initially met Cher with hesitation, as she struggled to envision herself in the festive genre.

It was only after enlisting the collaboration of other legendary artists, including Stevie Wonder and Darlene Love, that she fully embraced the concept. Cher candidly shared her anxiety about contacting Stevie Wonder, as there were parts of the song "What Christmas Means to Me" that were uniquely his.

She recalled her conversation with Wonder, saying, "So I called him and I said, 'Hi, Stevie, it's me.' " Cher's Christmas album, which she teased to her 2.6 million Instagram followers in September, promises to be a unique and modern take on holiday music.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, she enthusiastically declared, "It's a Cher Christmas album. It's not your mother's Christmas album." Cher's excitement was palpable as she discussed the album's collaborative nature, emphasizing that it was a "last-minute thing" and her first experience with featuring other artists on her records.