The F-List For Music Appoints Hannah Peel as President


The F-List For Music Appoints Hannah Peel as President
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Hannah Peel, a renowned Northern Irish artist, has been announced as the new president of The F-List For Music, taking over from the esteemed classical composer Professor Shirley J Thompson. The organization, which emerged as a pivotal support network for women and non-binary musicians during the pandemic, serves as the only national body in the UK that supports gender-diverse musicians across all music genres.

Peel, acclaimed for her eclectic musical contributions, steps into a role that has previously seen the likes of Brix Smith and Anoushka Shankar at the helm. The position is more than ceremonial; it's a beacon for advocacy and awareness in the music industry.

Her presidency symbolizes not just leadership but also the celebration of diversity and talent in British music. With a career that spans various roles – composer, producer, and radio presenter – Peel's contributions to music are multifaceted.

Her album "Fir Wave," shortlisted for the 2021 Mercury Music Prize, along with other notable works like "Awake But Always Dreaming" and the unique "Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia," have marked her as a significant figure in the music world.

Peel's Soundtrack Successes

Peel's accolades extend to soundtracks as well. She clinched the Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack for "The Midwich Cuckoos" and earned an Emmy nomination for her work on "Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch." Additionally, her soundtrack for "The Deceived" garnered a 2022 Royal Television Society NI award and the Music Producer’s Guild’s best Original Score Recording.

Her collaboration with Paul Weller on his No.1 albums "On Sunset" and "Fat Pop" further demonstrates her versatility. More recently, Peel released "The Unfolding" with Paraorchestra, a unique ensemble featuring both disabled and non-disabled musicians, which topped the UK classical charts.

Peel expressed her dedication to The F-List's mission, emphasizing the importance of their work in bridging the gender gap in the music industry. She stressed the need to highlight and support those in behind-the-scenes roles such as production, engineering, and orchestration.

Under her leadership, The F-List For Music aims to continue promoting diversity and providing support to British talent. The F-List For Music's impact has been substantial. In its three years, it has hosted events for over 500 participants, facilitated comprehensive producer training programs, and fostered partnerships within the industry.

The organization also offers visibility to underrepresented talent through its website, playlists, and social media channels, alongside running an expansive online directory of over 6,000 musicians, songwriters, and composers.

As Peel takes on this prestigious role, her vision is clear: to diminish the gender disparity in music and to champion the wealth of talent in the UK. Her appointment marks a new chapter for The F-List For Music, one where diversity and talent are at the forefront of the UK music industry.