New Stereophonics Album Coming Soon, Announces Kelly Jones

Unveiling Stereophonics' Dynamic New Musical Collaborations.

by Nouman Rasool
New Stereophonics Album Coming Soon, Announces Kelly Jones
© Vittorio Zunino Celotto/GettyImages

In a recent announcement that has stirred excitement among music enthusiasts, Kelly Jones, the iconic frontman of the revered rock band Stereophonics, has confirmed the release of new music from the group slated for 2024.

This news arrives alongside the revelation of Jones' upcoming solo album and further collaborations with his latest musical venture, Far From Saints. The announcement coincides with Far From Saints' inaugural UK tour, following the success of their top-five album.

Jones, who has been the driving force behind Stereophonics for over a quarter of a century, expressed his enjoyment in exploring diverse musical projects. "It's been refreshing to step outside the Stereophonics world," he stated.

"Engaging in different endeavors not only broadens my musical landscape but also reinvigorates my passion for Stereophonics."

Rapid Album Genesis

Far From Saints, a creative fusion between Jones, Texan singer Patty Lyn, and musician Dwight Baker (collectively known as The Wind and the Wave), originated during a support act for Jones' solo tour in the US in 2019.

This collaboration quickly evolved into a full-fledged musical partnership. "It started as a casual interaction during the tour, which eventually led us to the studio," Jones revealed. The trio impressively completed their album in a mere nine days, but its release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their self-titled album, acclaimed for its authenticity and unique sound, has not only soared to the top five in the UK album charts but also clinched the number one spot in both Americana and Country album charts. Patty Lyn, whose voice prominently features in lead vocals and duets, described the album as "a very happy accident" and a testament to organic musical chemistry.

The current tour, focusing on more intimate venues, marks a departure from massive stadium shows, emphasizing a closer connection with the audience. Despite a last-minute venue change in Cardiff due to structural concerns at St David's Hall, the tour has seen overwhelming success, with tickets selling out rapidly.

As Jones approaches a milestone 50th birthday in 2024, he reflects on his journey and the metaphorical 'bags' he has accumulated along the way. This introspection resonates with his ongoing creative evolution, as evidenced by his diverse musical endeavors.

In addition to Stereophonics' anticipated new material, Jones teased the release of his solo record next spring and expressed eagerness to return to the studio with Far From Saints. This flurry of activity hints at a vibrant and prolific phase in Jones' career, promising a thrilling array of music for fans worldwide.