Alejandro Sanz Serenaded by Stars at Sony Music Event

Sevilla hosts an unforgettable musical evening for Alejandro Sanz.

by Nouman Rasool
Alejandro Sanz Serenaded by Stars at Sony Music Event
© Aldara Zarraoa/GettyImages

In a star-studded evening at Hacienda Azahares, Sevilla, during Latin Grammy week, the music world witnessed a harmonious welcome for Spanish music icon Alejandro Sanz. The event, organized by Sony Music, celebrated Sanz's recent signing with the label, marking a new chapter in his illustrious career.

The night was hosted by acclaimed producer Javier Limón, alongside Afo Verde, Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Latin-Iberia, and José María Barbat, president of Sony Music Iberia. "We're gathered here on a night that will be etched in our memories, as we welcome Alejandro Sanz to the Sony Music family, a momentous occasion for all of us," Verde expressed with evident excitement.

Barbat echoed this sentiment, acknowledging Sanz's multifaceted talent and influence: "Alejandro, your artistry is unparalleled. Your dedication, your support for emerging talents, your camaraderie in the industry, and your commitment to social justice, not to mention the depth of your friendships, are qualities that make you stand out."

Sanz's Musical Homage

The musical tribute to Sanz was nothing short of spectacular.

A lineup of renowned artists, including Camilo, Evaluna, Niña Pastori, Kany García, J·Noa, Darumas, Yerai Cortés, and Montse Cortés, delivered soulful renditions of Sanz's iconic songs. Highlights included J Noa's emotional performance of "Amiga Mía," Kany García's rendition of "Cuando nadie me ve," and a beautiful duet of "Desde cuando" by Camilo and Evaluna.

Sanz himself enjoyed the performances from a specially arranged semi-private area, offering him an intimate yet comprehensive view of the stage. The event was also graced by the presence of other notable artists such as Malú, Ana Mena, Arde Bogotá, Omar Montes, Reik, Nicki Nicole, Kenia OS, and María José Llergo, adding to the evening's grandeur.

Sanz's presence at the Latin Grammy Awards this year is marked by significant nominations, including Song of the Year for "Nasa," in collaboration with Camilo, and Record of the Year for "Correcaminos" with Danny Ocean. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Sanz addressed the gathering: "To my dear Sony family, thank you for such a warm welcome.

Tonight is not just a celebration of a new beginning with Sony, but also a prelude to a week dedicated to celebrating music. Let's savor and rejoice in these moments!" This event not only heralds a new phase in Sanz's career but also reinforces the vibrant spirit of collaboration and celebration that defines the music industry.