The Chainsmokers' Album Completes with 'Think Of Us' Video' Video

GRACEY Shines in Dynamic New Music Video.

by Nouman Rasool
The Chainsmokers' Album Completes with 'Think Of Us' Video' Video
© Wanderlust/YouTube

The Chainsmokers, the Grammy Award-winning electronic duo, have enlivened their latest album with the release of the music video for "Think Of Us," featuring the talents of emerging British singer-songwriter GRACEY. Premiered on October 20, the track is a vibrant departure from the more solemn themes that often accompany songs about past relationships, providing a fresh sonic experience that melds pop sensibilities with an electronic groove.

With "Think Of Us," listeners are presented with a familiar narrative of former lovers caught in reflection, their memories dancing on the edge of rekindled romance. GRACEY's vocals weave through the track, posing questions that capture the essence of lingering connection: "I still think, do you still think of us? / I still wonder, do you wanna touch? / If you could, would you still call me up? / Do you still think of us?" The Chainsmokers' production compliments her poignant inquiry with a rhythmic pulse that is both engaging and introspective.

The accompanying visual is a stylish nod to '90s chic, featuring a series of aesthetically pleasing shots that exude a quirky charm apt for the song's tenor. The video forgoes a linear story, instead opting to chronicle the wanderings of a fashion-forward woman whose spirited movements echo the track's dynamic tempo.

The absence of a clear plotline is intentional, allowing the focus to remain on the visual feast of colors and motion that parallel the buoyant track.

Artful Cinematic Dynamics

The cinematography of the music video deserves recognition for its artistic merit.

Through innovative camera dynamics, GRACEY performs with an infectious verve that directly engages the viewer, even as the visual story refrains from adhering to a traditional narrative. The occasional shift to a disposable camera aesthetic punctuates the casual, yet deliberate, portrayal of individual freedom and expression.

While "Think Of Us" generally eschews depth for an easy-listening experience, it subtly grapples with the complexities of moving on from past relationships. A moment of lyrical depth surfaces as GRACEY and The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart deliver lines that resonate with anyone who has struggled to let go: "But still I don’t, don’t like knowing that you’re not on your own / Can someone tell my ego 'cause she won’t let me let it go / She’s obsessing and guessing answers to things she’ll never know." The song's buoyant rhythm masks the weighty contemplations within, revealing a juxtaposition that is emblematic of The Chainsmokers' approach to music-making.

They craft tracks that are simultaneously catchy and laden with the emotional residue of ended relationships. The music video, while not revolutionary, underscores the album's ethos where lighthearted beats reign supreme, and substance is subtly woven into the larger tapestry of feel-good music. .