Jewel Reminds People They Are Not Alone for the Holidays

Jewel's Heartfelt Campaign Supports Mental Health During Holidays

by Nouman Rasool
Jewel Reminds People They Are Not Alone for the Holidays
© Duane Prokop/GettyImages

Jewel, the acclaimed singer-songwriter known for her hit "You Were Meant for Me," is once again making headlines, but this time for her heartfelt mission to support mental health, especially during the holiday season. Her initiative, the Not Alone Challenge, enters its second year with a powerful message: no one should feel isolated or without support.

For nearly two decades, Jewel has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, a passion that stems from her own challenging experiences. Her Never Broken Foundation, which focuses on aiding homeless and at-risk youth, is a testament to her commitment to this cause.

The foundation provides crucial resources and tools for emotional and psychological wellness, which is particularly important during the holidays—a time that can be difficult for many. Last year, the Not Alone Challenge achieved remarkable success, being dubbed the “largest mental health challenge in history”.

As Jewel shared with ABC News, the campaign reached nearly 1.5 billion people. “We learned that many live in what we call mental health deserts, lacking access to therapy,” she explained. The challenge, therefore, is not just about raising awareness but also about equipping people with practical tools and resources, available for free on their website.

Jewel's Advocacy Origins

Jewel's journey into mental health advocacy began in her teens, following a period of significant personal strife, including leaving an abusive household and experiencing homelessness. These experiences shaped her resolve to not become another statistic in the entertainment industry, plagued by mental health issues.

She vowed to prioritize her well-being over her career, a decision that has clearly informed her advocacy work. Her youth foundation, established over two decades ago, has a commendable track record in aiding young people with suicidal thoughts.

The expansion of her mission to include broader awareness and resource provision has been met with overwhelming support. Last year alone, the initiative raised $1.5 million, and this year, the Foundation Reserve Social Club has pledged to match donations up to the same amount.

Jewel’s work is more than a campaign; it’s a personal crusade to ensure that mental health support is accessible to all, regardless of their background. As the holiday season approaches, her message is clear and resonant: You are not alone.

For those seeking support or looking to contribute to this noble cause, Jewel encourages visiting the Not Alone Challenge website for free resources and information on how to participate in fundraising auctions.