Jack Vidgen Discusses Music Industry Trauma

Resilient Artist Jack Vidgen Opens Up on Personal Struggles

by Nouman Rasool
Jack Vidgen Discusses Music Industry Trauma
© Sam Tabone/GettyImages

Jack Vidgen, the acclaimed Australia's Got Talent victor and a familiar face from The Voice 2019, has openly shared the challenging reasons behind his recent hiatus from the music scene. In a candid Instagram Q&A, Vidgen disclosed to his 91,000 followers the emotional toll the industry has taken on him, admitting to feeling “traumatised” by past experiences.

Now 26, Vidgen has experienced a rollercoaster journey in the music industry since his breakthrough at the age of 14. Despite his early success, including two album releases shortly after his Australia’s Got Talent win, he took a step back from the limelight during his teenage years, citing burnout and a loss of passion for music.

His return to television in 2019 on The Voice was marked by a sensational run to the semi-finals, rekindling public interest in his career. However, Vidgen's path hasn't been without its trials. In a heartfelt revelation, he disclosed a history of substance abuse linked to the pressures of early fame, an issue he bravely discussed on Carla from Bankstown’s OMG Bro podcast.

In 2022, he opened up about a near-fatal drug overdose, underlining the severity of his struggles.

Vidgen's Future Endeavors

Despite these challenges, Vidgen's resilience shines through. He's enthusiastic about upcoming projects, including some "exciting gigs/shows" set for next year.

Emphasizing his renewed zest for performance, Vidgen is also eager to impart his musical knowledge through coaching, potentially guiding the next generation of artists. Vidgen's journey underscores the often unseen pressures of the music industry, especially on young artists thrust into the spotlight.

His experiences serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health and self-care in high-pressure careers. Reflecting on his recent social media hiatus, Vidgen conveyed a message of hope and transformation to his fans.

He spoke of a "life shift," a time of introspection and realignment with his core values and identity. As Vidgen navigates his way back to the music scene, his story of overcoming personal and professional obstacles offers inspiration.

His candidness in sharing these experiences not only sheds light on the complexities of fame but also resonates with a broader audience facing their own challenges.