Creed Fisher's Tribute to Veterans in 'Stars and Stripes' Video

Creed Fisher's video casts real veterans in heartfelt tribute.

by Nouman Rasool
Creed Fisher's Tribute to Veterans in 'Stars and Stripes' Video
© Creed Fisher/YouTube

Creed Fisher has carved out a niche as a resonant voice in outlaw country music, crafting songs steeped in American pride and heartfelt patriotism. Reflecting on his service in the Army during the 1990s, Fisher's latest song, "Stars and Stripes," is a poignant ode to the emblematic American flag and its profound significance for many, especially those who have served.

"Stars and Stripes," a standout track from his newest album "This Ain’t the Hamptons," unravels the emotional layers behind the flag's symbolism, revealing the personal connections linking the flag to the experiences of veterans and their families.

Released alongside a moving music video on Veterans Day, the song aims to deepen public understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel.

Authentic Veterans Tribute

The music video, featuring real veterans, adds a layer of authenticity to Fisher’s message, resonating with the collective consciousness of the nation on days of remembrance and beyond.

Fisher emphasizes the everyday reality of loss and remembrance that military families endure, beyond the annual tributes of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. Fisher's journey to music was not a straight path but a road paved with personal struggle and introspection.

Raised in Odessa, Texas, among the oil fields, Fisher pursued a career as an electrician before his passion for music took center stage. His early life did not hint at a future filled with stages and songwriting—it was a humble beginning, marked by poverty and the hard work ethic instilled by his family.

After his military service and a stint in minor league football, Fisher's life took another turn when he turned to music following a challenging divorce, seeking solace in songwriting and self-taught guitar playing. These skills became his lifeline, transforming his pain into a powerful musical expression that resonated with listeners.

Fisher's decision to base himself in Fort Worth rather than Nashville speaks to his desire to stay true to his roots and connect with his audience on a more personal level. His active engagement on social media and relentless touring have fostered a dedicated following that appreciates his blend of Southern rock and traditional country.

"This Ain’t the Hamptons," Fisher's thirteenth studio release, showcases his versatility as an artist, featuring an array of tracks that journey through the highs and lows of life, from revelry to heartbreak to patriotism. Each song is crafted to evoke emotion, stir reflection, and pay homage to the American experience.